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Haier Biomedical: Pioneering Technological Precision in Pharmaceutical Innovation

In light of the advancements of the Internet of things (IoT) and the hospital information systems (HIS), the procedures related to hospital registration and medical treatment have experienced a significant acceleration.  However, the traditional pharmacy model, characterized by a lengthy manual medication dispensing process which is prone to errors, the risk of drug cross-contamination, and suboptimal regulatory efficiency, has posed formidable challenges to the progression of the medical industry.  Consequently, the inevitable shift from traditional pharmacies to smart pharmacies has gained momentum.

Opening a New Era in Digital Blood Management by "EmpoweringPrecision Healthcare with Haier Biomedical

The newly established APMC iloilo in the Philippines is a pioneering medical center with a strong demand for innovative new technologies and models. During the equipment procurement phase, it has highlighted the necessity for intelligent, visualized, and real-time monitoring capabilities in blood management systems.

Responding to this demand, Haier Biomedical has equipped the hospital with three units of its HXC-629R blood refrigerator, empowering it to embark on a journey toward digital blood management. These intelligent blood refrigerators integrate seamlessly with the hospital’s existing network infrastructure, and interface directly with both the hospital information system (HIS) and Haier’s smart blood transfusion management system, facilitating a unified management approach to information across the healthcare facility. This enables the hospital to conduct real-time analysis of blood usage data, monitor blood inventory levels, and visualize the blood management processes.


Haier Biomedical Gives Impetus to Develop Blood Management Solutions in Tanzania

Haier Biomedical, with its excellent technical prowess and innovative capabilities, secured the tender, earning the opportunity to supply over 300 units of Blood Bank Refrigerators, giving impetus to the development of comprehensive blood management solutions in Tanzania.

Haier Biomedical Drives Initiatives to Develop Public Health Solutions in Turkiye

Prioritizing the investment of medical infrastructure to ensure the health and well-being of its residents, the Türkiye Ministry of Health has recently issued a tender notice for a national public health project to procure products including Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers, CO2 Incubators, and Autoclaves. In a competitive bidding process, Haier Biomedical, an eco-brand of digital scenarios of life sciences and healthcare innovations, emerged as the successful bidder, securing the contract by virtue of the excellent quality of its products.


Haier Biomedical Smart Frequency Conversion ULT Freezers Deployed in Florida

Haier Biomedical, with its user-centric service concept and high-quality products, has recently secured the favor of BCW Florida, providing 12 sets of inverter ultra-low temperature freezers for the company’s experimental research. The feedback on the equipment’s usage has been positive, earning Haier Biomedical recognition and trust from BCW experts.


The Evolution of Liquid Nitrogen Containers

As medical technology advances, the in-depth exploration of -196℃ cryogenic technology holds promises and possibilities for human health. Focusing on user needs, Haier Biomedical remains dedicated to innovation, and has introduced a comprehensive one-stop liquid nitrogen container storage solution for all scenarios and volume segments, ensuring that the value of stored samples is maximized and continuously contributing to the field of life sciences.


A Guide to Fighting Mycoplasma Pneumonia

Haier Biomedical’s Autoclave stands out in this field with its multiple sterilization functions and advanced control system, as well as its one-click automation and convenient operation, comprehensively meeting the high-efficiency and safe sterilization requirements of various medical and healthcare facilities, as well as biomedical research centers.


Haier Biomedical’s Liquid Nitrogen Storage Solution Highly Recognized Amongst Vietnamese Users!

Recently, the Vietnamese distributor, TOAN ANH Company, along with its end-users, that is, distinguished reproductive medicine specialists from Vietnam, embarked on a three-day exchange and study trip to Haier Biomedical’s headquarters in Qingdao and the liquid nitrogen container factory in Chengdu. This experience deepened their comprehensive understanding of Haier Biomedical’s brand advantages, particularly in the liquid nitrogen container storage program.

Haier Biomedical: Establishing a University Cluster Model in Hong Kong

“Centrifuge is essential in sample processing, and the effectiveness of separation directly impacts the accuracy of subsequent experimental results,” a professor from Hong Kong Baptist University said. “After comparing various products, Haier Biomedical’s centrifuge emerged as our final choice, and the trial results didn’t let us down.”
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