Horizontal Benchtop Autoclave: Intelligent Sterilization Management!

Sterilization plays a crucial role in supporting and ensuring the success of medical and scientific research institutions at all levels. Consequently, a wide range of sterilizers have emerged as essential tools for these institutions to fulfill their guarantee function, and sterilizers have become standard equipment for sterilization supply centers, further emphasizing their significance in the field.


Safety Considerations in A Liquid Nitrogen Cryo Preservation Room

Liquid nitrogen (LN2) plays a vital role in the world of assisted reproductive technology, as the go-to cryogenic agent for storing precious biological materials, such as eggs, sperm, and embryos. Offering extremely low temperatures and the ability to maintain cellular integrity, LN2 ensures the long-term preservation of these delicate specimens.


Develop Cold Chain Logistics to Build Immunity Barriers

Haier Biomedical, as the world’s leading provider of life sciences and medical innovation scenario solutions, has long been committed to developing global cold chain solutions for vaccines, which cover a wide range of temperature domains and scenarios, ranging from -80°C to 8°C.


The Vital Role of Maintenance for Blood Bank Refrigerators

Blood bank refrigerators serve as the lifeline of healthcare facilities, ensuring the safe storage and preservation of life-saving blood products. These specialised refrigerators play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and quality of blood components, which are essential for transfusions and medical treatments. To ensure the reliability and effectiveness of these refrigerators, regular maintenance is of paramount importance. This article explores the significance of maintenance for blood bank refrigerators and the benefits it brings to the healthcare industry.

Recommended Product: Plasma Blast Freezer

Since its invention, the plasma blast freezer has undergone a process of from scratch to continued technical advancement, from mixed usage to specialization.

The Development History of Global Refrigerants

As the most environmentally friendly refrigerants, hydrocarbon refrigerants are advantageous in environmental protection and energy saving. 

The Development History of Centrifuges

In 1878, Gustaf de Laval of Sweden invented the first cream separator that separated cream from milk, and this was the first use of centrifuges in the food industry.

Reflections on Protecting the Environment Amid Extreme Weather Conditions

Adhering to the philosophy of "low-carbon environmental protection", Haier Biomedical is making its contribution to protecting the environment

Haier Biomedical’s IoT ULT Freezers Support the Development of Life Science Research

International users praised Haier Biomedical for its experience-oriented ecosystem featuring real-time interaction among humans, machines, and samples
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