Products + Services: Haier Biomedical Launches Vietnam’s First Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber


The medical device market in Vietnam, a country situated in Southeast Asia, heavily depends on imports, accounting for about 90% of the market, with an average annual growth rate of 13.1% since 2014. Vietnam is also currently one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical markets in the whole of Asia. In 2020 alone, the country’s pharmaceutical markets reached US$10 billion, with about 75% of finished pharmaceutical products being manufactured domestically. This robust pharmaceutical market has also created a huge demand for medical devices.

The Climate Chamber is widely used for bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms. It can not only help provide necessary enzymatic reactions, ligation reactions, and embedded culture sites for the pharmaceutical industry, but can also enable drug stability testing under different climatic conditions with its adjustable temperature and time settings that have proven to be a source of great convenience for industry experiment preparation. Due to its ability to ensure the accuracy of experimental results and significantly reduce labor costs, it has become highly sought-after equipment in the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories today.


MEDCEN JSC is a new pharmaceutical company in Long An Province that has completed the construction of its plant and laboratory in 2022 and put into operation in 2023. As the world’s leading life science and medical innovation digital scenario solution provider, Haier Biomedical has secured a partnership with MEDCEN JSC as their preferred supplier, and its Climate Chamber HHS-256, designed with intelligent LCD screen and IoT module, has been favored by MEDCEN JSC and put into use in their QC lab.

Haier Biomedical’s Climate Chamber installed and put into use in a MEDCEN JSC in Long An Province.jpg

Haier Biomedical’s Climate Chamber installed and put into use in a MEDCEN JSC in Long An Province, Vietnam

A week after the product’s arrival and installation in Vietnam, the company personnel responsible for equipment thoroughly tested and inspected the product and gave the highest praise. “The 10-inch LCD screen offers an intuitive data display and highly sensitive touch response. The machine has a double support frame on the internal shelf, compact and solid cabinet design, and is overall sturdy construction and fully meets our usage requirements.”

Users taking photographs of product details..jpg

Users taking photographs of product details

With a focus on the “Product + Service” model, Haier Biomedical expands its product categories based on market demand, improves its global network layout driven by science and technology, consistently introduces innovative and forward-thinking products, and aligns with its mission of “Make Life  Better” through the intelligent protection of life science. The company also strives to build a global leading medical health ecosystem, ensuring the well-being and health of people around the world.