The Development History of Global Refrigerants

As the most environmentally friendly refrigerants, hydrocarbon refrigerants are advantageous in environmental protection and energy saving. 

The Development History of Centrifuges

In 1878, Gustaf de Laval of Sweden invented the first cream separator that separated cream from milk, and this was the first use of centrifuges in the food industry.

Reflections on Protecting the Environment Amid Extreme Weather Conditions

Adhering to the philosophy of "low-carbon environmental protection", Haier Biomedical is making its contribution to protecting the environment

Haier Biomedical’s IoT ULT Freezers Support the Development of Life Science Research

International users praised Haier Biomedical for its experience-oriented ecosystem featuring real-time interaction among humans, machines, and samples
Tips and How to Use the Biological Safety Cabinets

Tips and How to Use the Biological Safety Cabinets!

Do you know how to properly place a biological safety cabinet in the lab?

Why mRNA Vaccines are Welcomed?

Recently, a news headline titled "vaccine industry became saturated, and CanSino’s first half profits plunged by 98%" caused a great deal of concern, and vaccines have once again entered the public eye.


Where could vaccines be stored in high temperature areas?


The Best Way to Understand Users is to Become a User

As Haier Biomedical accelerates its push for transformation, it will step up its efforts to carry out innovative experiments to tap into new industries. Meanwhile, the organization has been recruiting talents to enhance its ability for scientific and technological innovation. The company is committed to the tenets of Haier, every Haier Biomedical researcher has developed their own unique opinions that benefits the entire innovative process.
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Sustainable Labs. How to Source More Energy-Efficient Products using ENERGY STAR®

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