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HB U-Blood Solution Approved by Partners

Haier Biomedical's International Partners and Senior Management Team Visited Qingdao’s U-Blood Solution

Haier Biomedical: Resource Integration Accelerates Global Market Expansion

As a necessary tool for life science research, disposable laboratory consumables have become a relatively promising industry in the current volatile market. There is currently strong market demand for life science tools, such as laboratory consumables and reagents, with a steady cash flow into this industry.

Unlocking the Power of Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers: Why Validation is Crucial for Success!

Validation is the process of verifying that the ULT freezer is operating within its intended specifications. The validation process includes testing the equipment to ensure that it can maintain the desired temperature range and uniformity, as well as assessing its performance under various conditions.
Green Factory

Haier Biomedical Was Awarded the National Green Factory


Haier Biomedical Strengthens the Research and Development of Laboratory Consumables and Opens a New Chapter of Smart Labs

Amid the tide of smart medical care development, the building of smart labs has also entered a new era under the support of advanced information technologies and cutting-edge management concepts. 

Haier Biomedical: Strengthening the World Together by Embracing Corporate Social Responsibilities

Haier Biomedical has officially signed to join the UNGC global initiative

Temperature Monitoring is Vital for Pharmaceutical Storage

Haier Biomedical products used in the Santiago Hospital Pharmacy and have received the highest level of recogniti


Haier Biomedical Supports the Development of Japan

Known as the forever sunrise industry, the biomedicine industry is closely related to the length and quality of people’s life, and it is developing rapidly in various countrie
uk training

European Partners Training at Haier Biomedical’s UK Offices.

Europe’s leading life science and biomedical distribution network providers attend training at Haier Biomedical UK and together with the HBUK senior team conducted training sessions, with an aim to enhance the company’s global strategy and local business operations. 

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