Automated Solution for Medication Dispensing

Automated Solution for Medication Dispensing

Seamless connection to the hospital HIS system, automatically obtaining prescription information, achieving precise identification, rapid sorting, and efficient distribution of drugs during the dispensing process

Full Automatic Tablet/Capsule Packaging System

Drawer Storage

Each drawer could store 20 smartmedicine containers

Package Printing

2 heating pipes with 2 temperature controllers ensurestable packing.

Seamless Connection

Prescription and drug inforation will be received via HS (hospitalinformation system).

Smart Medicine Container

The medicine containers can be placed in any position within thedrawer.the medicine information can be automatically identified.

Anesthetic Medication Dispensing Cabinet
Anesthetic Medication Dispensing Cabinet

Standard with 15 ‘inch touch screen

Provide intelligent display of pickup/refill/inventory information to assist in the management of lot number expiration dates of stored medications

Authorized staff can log in and use the cabinet through NFC cards, fingerprints or passwords, and the operation process will be recorded by the video surveillance system to realize the traceability of the management process

Each drawer is divided into several mutually independent compartments; the corresponding drawer will be opened automatically according to physician order

Equipped with infrared light curtain protection device

Automatic Sorting System
  • The system has a compact structure, light  weight, good stability with fully considerations of the requirements of ergonomics

  • Equipped with a 17 inch touch screen, the equipment is a double layered structure with a long strip shape and a single set of equipment does not require any expansion to meet no less than 40 fixed sorting positions

  • There are manual and automatic electrical  control methods available for users to choose from

  • Standard UV disinfection device to reduce drug contamination

  • Real time monitoring of the operation of various components of the dispensing system, real-time monitoring of infusion  product information, including batch number information of drugs, sorted prescription information, and unsorted prescription information

  • Each bag of medicine is transported  horizontally in a single layer through physical  separation ensuring no abnormalities such  as material jamming in sorting process. When the conveyor belt and other conveying parts  work abnormally, an alarm will be prompted

  • The equipment sorting module is composed of 10 circular robotic arms. A single circular robotic arm supports sorting of four sorting bins on both sides, with upper and lower  layers. The conveyor belt is equipped with  anti slip devices

Automatic Medication Detection System

Check the accuracy of each package of drugs by bag and take photos to record 

The shortest length of medication bags that support continuous inspection is ≤ 2 bags and there is no upper limit to  the total length of medication bags 

Equipped with an independent drug image automatic detection system, with a detection speed of 0.8-1.5 seconds  per package and adjustable speed 

Accurately analyze the form, size, color, and other information of drugs to digitize them, and store information through visualization

Automatic Labeling And Dispensing System
  • Continuously complete the process of infusion bag outbound, labeling, dispensing,  baskets dispensing, baskets receiving, and caching, achieving automatic operation of  the entire process

  • The system completes the process of  outbound, labeling, dispensing, and caching of single infusion bag. The overall efficiency can reach 1200 bags/hour, covering an area  of less than 28 square meters, and the equipment height is less than 2.1 meters

  • The system can be seamlessly integrated with but not limited to the HIS system, automatically receive medical order  information. It can complete the function  of labeling and dispensing medication in PIVAS without any staff on duty.The  equipment supports the dispensing of infusion in soft bags and upright bottles/ bags of 500ML and below, as well as the  dispensing of injections in penicillin bottles  and ampoules of 30mL and below

  • The infusion cache module can  simultaneously accommodate no less than three sets of movable infusion cache cars.  A single infusion cache car has at least 15 infusion cache slots, and the bottom of the cache car has an auxiliary power system.  Storage capacity of 100ml solvent soft bags in a single infusion buffer car is more than  500 bags

  • Equipped with a 17 inch touch screen, it has  automatic grabbing, transmission and labeling functions for infusion bags, automatic basket sending functions, automatic receiving of  infusion bags and main medicines by medicine baskets, automatic transmission of medicine baskets, automatic distribution for main  medicines (penicillin bottles and ampoule  bottles) and caching functions for medicine  baskets before entering the system. Adopting an integrated automatic working mode, the entire process does not require manual participation

  • The device is equipped with automatic label  pressing function. during the solvent labeling  process, the labels and liquid bags are tightly attached without the need for manual operation

  • The drug storage unit adopts an injection box for drug storage, with an injection box magazine design. The injection box has an  automatic drug sorting function and the drug  export can be precisely customized according to the shape of the stored drugs

Intelligent Dispensing System

High Efficiency

2 separated conveyor systems, which are high efficiency

Smart Indicating

The location of medication will be reminded by LED indicators

Grating Protection

The equipment will stop once it detects any foreign bodies byoptical grating

Confirmation after Taking

After taking the current drug. press "Confrm", the device willhandle the next required drug

Fast Dispense

This device can handle multiple prescriptions so as todispense fast and with efficiency

Automatic Dispensing System

  • Automatically receives HIS prescription information and quickly sends the required medicine to the dispensing port. 

  • Fully automatic supplement to dispense medicine. Supplementing and dispensing can be carried out simultaneously. 

  • Equipped with automatic inventory function. Real-time inventory of daily dispense and supplement amounts. 

  • According to the actual window distribution on site, the basket transmission system can be customized, combined with intelligent baskets, to improve work efficiency.