Haier Biomedical Distributor Conference Concluded


On May 21, Haier Biomedical Overseas Distributors Conference was successfully concluded in Qingdao., where distributors from dozens of countries and regions around the world gathered to join Haier Biomedical in a grand event. The conference summarized the past achievements of Haier Biomedical and shared the future development strategies and plans, aiming to achieve mutual benefits and win-win with partners.

Group Photo of Haier Biomedical and Partners.jpg

Group Photo of Haier Biomedical and Partners

Based on the concept of win-win cooperation, after 17 years of overseas expansion, Haier Biomedical, which focuses on globalization through localization strategy platform, has established friendly cooperation relationship with more than 135 distributors worldwide. At the meeting, several international partners took the stage to share the fruitful achievements with Haier Biomedical.

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Richard Jafrato, General Manager of Haier Biomedical UK, particularly emphasized the company's R&D capability in his presentation. It is unprecedented for a company to invest so much in R&D. With the full support of the head office, the UK branch's sales grew from £400,000 in 2016 to £5.7 million in 2022, with cumulative sales in the UK of over 2,000 ULT refrigerators in the UK in the past several years.

Mr. Eghosa OGEDEGBE, Managing Director of Inter-Trade West Africa Ltd. specifically mentioned that through the cooperation with Haier Biomedical, Nigeria has built a world-class experience center and advanced training center, continuously improving user experience and staff skills, achieving a qualitative change in user satisfaction and market share, and radiating the African service system in all aspects.

As a new partner, Mr. Michael Ratos, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of ESBE Scientific Canada, said that with the assistance of Haier Biomedical team, with high-quality service system and sufficient product supply power, brand trust and loyalty will be established to quickly penetrate the local market, expand product layout and realize single product to multi-category marketing.

Mr. Kenneth, Sales Director of Biotec from Malaysia, shared that Haier Biomedical provided them with comprehensive product solutions and an incredible 24/7 service model, demonstrating a comprehensive product matrix and a customer-first service philosophy.


After the wonderful case sharing session, Haier Biomedical organized a factory tour, new product launch seminar and after-sales training session for the distributors who came to the conference, so that the distributors from all over the world could understand the advantages of Haier Biomedical brand more intuitively.

At the site of the IoT factory tour, Haier Biomedical showed customers the manufacturing process of the products, and the high level and automated production equipment attracted the high attention of the dealers.

At the new product launch, the Haier Biomedical team said that in the face of laboratory, sample bank, CDC, blood station plasma station, university research, pharmaceutical companies and other channel users, Haier Biomedical has created corresponding innovative solutions and launched more than 40 new products on site.


Among the new products released in the field of sample storage, Stirling ULT Freezer has gained widespread attention from customers by virtue of its excellent performance in energy saving, environmental protection, low noise and high efficiency. Other new products include Controlled Rate Freezer, Freeze Dryer, Liquid Nitrogen Container and the whole line of iterative upgraded inverter twin system ULT Freezer, Cryogenic Freezer, Freezer, etc. In the blood scenario solution, the Unattended Self-service Blood Distribution Refrigerator developed by Haier Biomedical has aroused strong interest from dealers around the world. For blood transfer, the IOT intelligent blood refrigerator can realize efficient deployment of in-hospital blood and out-of-hospital emergency, and real-time monitoring of transfer temperature, alarm information, etc., to create an "emergency blood scenario" with 0 waiting and zero blood waste. In addition, Haier Biomedical also launched new products such as Smart Blood Bank Refrigerator, Platelet Incubator with Agitator, Plasma Blast Freezer and Plasma Apheresis System, together with detailed training explanation. In the field of laboratory products, Haier Biomedical brought new Animal Biological Safety Cabinet, Centrifuge, Hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine, CO2 Incubator, Constant Temperature Incubator, sterilizer, biochemical Incubator and other new products in the whole scene. In the pharmaceutical scene, new Pharmacy Refrigerator and Fully automatic tablet packaging system were also unveiled at the scene, which solved the pain points of users and the industry. In addition, there were also series products such as solar vaccine, RKN and Consumables launched at the scene, which had a warm atmosphere and gained positive attention from customers.

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In the after-sales service training, Haier Biomedical team made detailed explanation on each product detail, from the product schematic diagram and circuit diagram to the analysis of product appearance and structure, button operation, technical parameters, alarm code processing, troubleshooting, routine maintenance, sample machine explanation, etc., to eliminate the dealer's doubts as much as possible and establish a solid foundation for further cooperation.

The four-day exhibition was exciting, and the representatives of participating distributors showed great interest in Haier Biomedical products and technology and gave high evaluation, and expressed their intention to cooperate.

Haier Biomedical is committed to contributing to the global medical cause, and firmly believes that health care services with technological innovation as the core can change the fate of mankind. With the social responsibility vision of "Smart Life, Shared Future", Haier Biomedical integrates global resources, works closely with global stakeholders and partners, adheres to the solution of mutual trust, mutual benefit and win-win situation, increases global market share, and joins hands with people around the world to build a community of human destiny.