Newsletter Aug. 2022 en

Haier Biomedical is committed to the intelligent protection of life science to make life better, placing an emphasis on R&D of scientific and technological products to create best user experience.

During the pandemic of COVID-19 and now monkeypox, Haier Biomedical has rolled out complete vaccine solutions for global immunization!

The team at Haier Biomedical has launched more efficient and convenient liquid nitrogen tank storage solutions for all scenarios and full volume segments!

And this month Haier Biomedical delivered the first order of plasma separator to Nigeria, with more orders from Tanzania, further tapping into domestic and foreign market resources!

Haier Biomedical’s Plasma Separator are intelligently interconnected and the separation process therefore becomes completely traceable, thus improving the safety and security of donors!


Newsletter Sept. 2022 en

Haier Biomedical continues to explore and improve its own scientific and technological capabilities and brand strength to generate outstanding contributions to the world in the biomedical, health and life science fields.

- Haier Biomedical always starts with user demands for product innovation, the new mini biological safety cabinet has improved working environments of users.

- Haier Biomedical’s ULT freezers won wide recognition from the North American market, building brand awareness. 

- Haier Biomedical supports Saudi Arabia's pharmaceutical transportation project, which received major recognition from local customers.

- Haier Biomedical Won the 2022 Listed Company Low-Carbon Contribution Award.


Newsletter July. 2022 en

Haier Biomedical: July 2022 Newsletter

Haier Biomedical has won the trust and recognition of partners by virtue of our high-quality and safe products and services, and made our contribution to global public health!

-Haier Biomedical Conference, Training Center & Showroom was Completed in West Africa, Expanding the Presence of Haier Biomedical Vaccine Cold Chain!

-In Cooperation with Institut Pasteur, Haier Biomedical Contributed to the Epidemic Prevention and Control Efforts in Senegal with a Complete Solar Laboratory Solution!

-The Dubai No. 001 Training Center was Established and Our Partners Expressed Their Satisfaction with the Three-day Off-line Training. 

-Haier Biomedical Won the Bid for Monitoring Egypt's Largest Vaccine Cold Storage Warehouse. A Giant Leap forward in Guaranteeing Vaccine Safety


Newsletter June. 2022 en

Haier Biomedical: Newsletters in June 2022

Haier Biomedical has always taken the lead in innovations and explores new products and new scenarios constantly to deliver reliable, safe, secure and intelligent products and solutions. Our team is committed to global healthcare development for the intelligent protection of life science to make life better.

Highlights this month:

--Haier Biomedical delivered 1,000 vaccine transport coolers and temperature data loggers to the Philippines to facilitate the cold chain transportation of COVID-19 vaccines in the local regions.  

--Haier Biomedical's EU team showcased the world-leading laboratory and complete cold chain solutions at Analytica Munich 2022 and raised considerable attention.

--Haier Biomedical's self-developed SDD Vaccine Refrigerator, SDD Cold Storage, and SDD Blood Refrigerator safeguard the secure storage of samples in remote and power-deficient countries.


Newsletter March. 2022 en

Haier Biomedical: March 2022 Newsletter

Haier Biomedical’s COVID-19 Prevention Projects and Contribution to Global Development for Scientific Research and Innovative Strengths as an Independent Life Science Medical Digital Service Ecosystem Brand!

--Haier Biomedical's 60 Units of -150℃ Cryo Freezer’s have been Delivered to Europe, Taking Cryopreservation into a New Era with Low Carbon Refrigeration

--Haier Biomedical's Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory Contributes to the Fight Against the Pandemic with Improved Testing Capacity

--Haier Biomedical's have delivered 1,000 of Sets of Vaccine Refrigerators & Devices to South Africa to Support the Vaccine Roll-out Program in Africa

--Haier Biomedical’s Safety Cabinets Were Approved by Bangladesh Authority ICDDRB and Used for Disease Control, Research, and Development


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