Health Care Products


Health Care Products

Microwave Medical Waste Disinfection Equipment

Portable design for rapid deployment in emergency situations, including healthcare facilities, quarantine zones, and mobile units for immediate waste disposal.

Efficient operation with minimal energy consumption and safety features that allow for easy setup and reliable performance

Effective sterilization through advanced microwave technology to halt virus transmission, mitigate epidemic risks, and promote public health

User-friendly automation for simplified use by a single operator, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring safe handling of medical waste

Environmentally conscious design that eliminates wastewater production, incorporating self-contained purification systems for clean discharge and eco-friendly practices

Mobile Environmental Testing Laboratory

Rational Layout Design

Outstanding vehicle platform

Multiple power guarantees

Professional laboratory equipment

P2 laboratory

Medical Waste Disposal Workstation YFXDG200

The use of microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect on the microbial non-discriminatory elimination, kill rate up to log6

Adopting high-quality 5500 blades, positive and negative two- way high-speed rotation, crushing particle size as small as 2cm

There is no waste water and gas, and the disinfection products can be directly used as domestic waste for incineration or burial

High degree of automation, PLC integrated control throughout the operation can be completed by only one person

Intelligent Vaccination Shelter

Mobile vaccination shelter, rapid deployment and ready-to-use

Long holdover time after power off, safe vaccination storage

Equipped with air purification sterilizer and ultraviolet disinfection, the cabin environment is safer

Independent monitoring of each operation area to achieve real-time supervision and inspection of the whole process of vaccination

Shelter footprint is small, transportable, can be deployed rapidly

Mobile Container Clinic
Mobile Container Clinic

Multiple medical storage cabinets 

Ergonomic design 

Intelligent monitoring system 

Air conditioner system

Customized layout to meet customer's individual needs 

Transportable, can be deployed rapidly

Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory

Solid & Durable

Safe, Reliable & Secure 

Intelligent Integrated Design

Environmental Reliability 

Small Shelter Footprint, Transportable, Rapid Deployment

Solar Powered Medical Laboratory

Solar direct drive, suitable for remote regions where power shortages are common

High efficiency solar panels to ensure the operation of large power consumption equipment

Solid and durable 

Safe and reliable

Smart Autonomous Disinfection Units
Scheduled disinfection tasks

Autonomous obstacle avoidance and autonomous navigational system

Automatic return to charging station

User remote deployment

Vaccine Refrigerated Vehicle

Low fuel consumption

Complies with PQS certification

Accurate temperature control and high temperature uniformity

Firm structure and corrosion resistance

Good insulation, safe and reliable

Strong after-sales service support capability

Smart Mobile Clinic Inoculation Solution

Improved and convenient vaccination services

Improved the access to immunization services

Promote and improve the equity in immunization services

Guarantee the accuracy and immediate reporting of data and information remotely

P2+ Mobile Nucleic Acid Testing Vehicle
Standard multi-independent functionally designed areas

Long distance travel range

Strong emergency response and react capability

Visible intelligent control system

Ultra-clean air purification system

Air Purification Sterilizer

Ultra-effective, triple-action disinfection - plasma, UV plus titani um dioxide photocatalyst and nano-silver ion filtration

Kills up to > 99.9% of viruses and bacteria within air

Negative-ion generator for clean fresh air

Infrared Thermometer

Highly sensitive infrared probe

Supporting noncontact measurement within one or two seconds

LED digital display

One-unit multi-purpose

Human body & general environment modes

Comfortable to hold

Biosafety Screening Swab Booth

Positive Pressure Fresh Air System

Air Filtration System

Body Temperature Measuring System

Virus Killing System

LCD Display System

Oxygen Concentrator

·High quality compressor

·Durable and efficient molecular sieve

·Oxygen concentration above 90%

·Settable oxygen absorption time

·High-performance solenoid valve

·Safe and odorless Dow Corning silicone tube

Blood Pressure Monitor

Low-noise design

One-button start

Memory storage

ABS Material +LCD big screen display

WHO Standards

Mobile P2 Biology Lab Unit
Mobile P2 Biology Lab Unit

Safe, BSL-2S Protection Level Biosafety Lab
Mobile Clinic
Quick, can reach epidemic areas very quickly
Stable, can operate in harsh environment

Mobile Ophthalmic Surgery Unit
Mobile Ophthalmic Surgery Unit

Professional Eye Surgery Vehicle
Mobile Clinic
Doorstep Eye Surgery Services
Provide Medical Treatment Services in Remote Areas

Mobile Medical Examination Unit
Mobile Medical Examination Unit

Improved and convenient medical examination services
Provide professional medical examination services to remote areas
Multi equipment for multi-purpose examinations
Firm and stable, can operate in harsh environment    

Mobile ICU Ward Unit
Mobile ICU Ward Unit

High Standard, hospital graded ICU room
Safe, High Cleanliness grade. Virus Sterilization Rate is over 99.99%
Quick, can provide medical treatment to critical patients on site
Flexibility, can provide meidical treatment at any environment    

Mobile Gynecological Examination Vehicle
Mobile Gynecological Examination Vehicle

Mobile physical examination
Cervical Cancer Screening
Creast cancer screening
Portable device to treat cervical precancer
High resolution digital video colposcope    

Mobile General Surgery Unit
Mobile General Surgery Unit

Mobile surgical room, to provide surgery on-site
Safe and professional
Multiple surgery available
High purification standard    

Mobile DR Inspection Vehicle.png
Mobile DR Inspection Vehicle

Safe, Lead Protection Walls
Provide medical services to remote areas
Space Optimization, all Position X-inspections are available on the vehicle
Hospital grade    

Mobile CT Examination Vehicle

Lead plate protection
Hydraulic support system
A variety of ct options
Flexible and suitable for many situations    

Emergency Stroke Vehicle

Cardiovascular ambulance

16 rows mobile CT

5G network

Appearance customization

Multi-Function Sampling Laboratory Vehicle

Positive and negative pressure coexist in the vehicle.

Equipped with the best PCR machine. 

Small and flexible

Real-time monitoring