Power Supply (V/Hz)
Temperature Range (°C)


Atomization Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfector

Eco Friendly 7%~7.5% Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizing

Real Time Detection of Temperature and Humidity

Provides a 6-log sporicidal kill on exposed surfaces

Takes less than 3 hours for total disinfection,  saving time

Capable of storing more than 10 years of data

Horizontal Bench-top Autoclaves HRTM-18/23

Triple Protection of Temperature and Pressure Monitoring, Electronic Lock and Mechanical Safety Devices

4- inch LCD color screen

Optional-intelligent IoT Module to Enable the Mobile APP to Monitor the Running State of the Autoclave

High Efficiency Vacuum Pump

Large Capacity Water Storage Tank

Drying Oven
Drying Oven

Precise High Temperature Control

Rapid Recovery After Door Open

Convenient and Intelligent Management at a Glance

Vertical Autoclave

Automatic Drying Function (Auxiliary Drying) The drying time can be set after the sterilization is completed

Warm-up Control and Timing Start

Automatic program control – users can control the whole process with just one click.

Two Pressure Relief Methods. The slow pressure relief method for liquid sterilization can prevent liquid overflow caused by rapid buildup of pressure.

Automatic overpressure pressure relief