Haier Biomedical 2023 AACR exhibition was a success


In 2023, the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) has successfully concluded. With the focus on the tumor research community, AACR brings together the latest research progress of about 25,000 experts and scholars around the world to share together the latest in oncology medicine. As an life science and medical innovation digital scene solution service provider, Haier Biomedical showcased biobank and laboratory solutions and products to customers and partners during this event. It showed that Haier Biomedical has continuously occupied the high point of scientific and technological innovation in life science and medical innovation sectors, and is the leading the industry in the field.

Haier Biomedical Team at the AACR.png

The Haier Biomedical Team at the AACR exhibition

During the four -days exhibition, Haier Biomedical attracted many global buyers to consult, showing a strong interest in the products and solutions and given high evaluation and recognition, reached new deals to procure products directly during the event.

Haier Biomedical Team at the AACR2.png

The Haier Biomedical team showcasing the product functions to the visitors.

Haier Biomedical Team at the AACR3.png

On -site negotiations 

Haier Biomedical Team at the AACR4.png

Haier Biomedical products have been highly recognized by local customers.

The successful end of the AACR exhibition indicates Haier Biomedical made another step for localization strategy in the US market. In the future, Haier Biomedical will continue to cultivate in the digital scene plan of life science and medical innovation. Creating the best users experience with integrated global resources, maintain friendly exchanges with partners around the world, exchange the frontiers of the industry, reach mutual benefit for win -win solutions!