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COVID-induced 'new economy': Advent of outdoor camping, ready-to-cook meals, nucleic acid testing

COVID-induced 'new economy': Advent of outdoor camping, ready-to-cook meals, nucleic acid testing

CTSOA Certification

Haier Biomedical Receives CTSOA Airworthiness Clearance

On 27 October, Haier Biomedical's innovative and active aviation temperature control container successfully passed the airworthiness examination of the East China Civil Aviation Administration and was granted the approval of the project specified by the technical standard (CTSOA). 

Haier Biomedical: First Biological Safety Cabinet Manufacturer to Receive NSF Certification!

NSF certification is one of the three major certifications in the global biosafety cabinet industry and is the most authoritative certification standard in the world. 

Reasons for Choosing a Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

A pharmaceutical refrigerator refers to a medical refrigerator that stores important biological and chemical reagents such as medicines, vaccines, reagents, enzymes as key examples.

COVID-19 vaccines: why it’s important you get your second dose

Vaccination is the safest way to gain immunity to the coronavirus, and with most COVID-19 vaccines, you need two doses to get the greatest possible protection.

Hydrocarbon Refrigerant——the Environmentally Friendly Rising Star for Ecosystem Restoration!

On World Environment Day 2021, Pakistan, the host country of this year’s official celebration, calls on all people around the world to take urgent action to restore our damaged ecosystems.

This is how Australia plans to keep the new Pfizer vaccine at -70℃

Australia's first shipment of the Pfizer vaccine is curently being stored and will be distributed in top secret by global logistics firm DHL since it touched down from Belgium last week. 

Sinovac vaccine works on UK, South African variants - Brazil institute

SERRANA, Brazil (Reuters) - The COVID-19 vaccine developed by China’s Sinovac Biotech is effective against the UK and South African variants, the vaccine’s Brazilian partner said on Wednesday, citing test results in Chinese trials.

NHS Scotland starts vaccination programme from today.

NHS Scotland have implemented vaccine ULT freezer storage across 23 sites, as part of Phase 1 of the COVID-19 vaccination programme. 

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