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RTMD Systems Leading Intelligent Trends in the Medical Industry

Today, the intellectualization of the medical industry has extended its reach to various fields, including intelligent buildings and electromechanical equipment management. The development of medical intelligence utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technology has also reached a new milestone. The advent of the Internet information age has propelled human society into a new era, in which wireless communication technology has provided a strong technical support for the research and development and application of intelligent medical technology, which has led to the emergence of innovative medical models such as digital health care, telemedicine, and mobile health care, poised to shape the future of the healthcare industry.

Mobile Container Clinic Improves Healthcare Access for Women and Children in Remote Areas

If it weren’t for the mobile clinic, my son would never have the opportunity to receive postnatal care and vaccinations

Demystifying the Biological Safety Research Lab

With the global outbreak of the COVID-19, the vaccine industry was pushed to forefront and knowledge reached the public about biosafety. Scientific researchers have also begun to accelerate virus research and drug testing. So, what are the laboratory of biological experiments? What are the differences between them and ordinary laboratories?
A New Generation of Cold Chain Equipment Launched in Morocco

A New Generation of Cold Chain Equipment Launched in Morocco

Haier Biomedical Supports Morocco to upgrade the vaccine cold chain network with a new generation of cold chain equipment!


How to Store the Cells of Endangered Species?


How to Test for the Monkeypox Virus?

Do you know how the labs test the monkeypox virus?

How is Umbilical Cord Blood Stored?


A Vision behind Plasma Separators

This technology has set some experts thinking: is it possible that a future medical device could be used to "separate" and "replace" viruses and thus remove pathogenic substances and cure diseases as a plasma separator does?

Growth of Pharmacy Refrigerators from 1.0 to n.0

The stability of pharmaceuticals is not only related to their properties but also greatly affected by many external factors, such as temperature, humidity, and microorganisms, subjected to decomposition, volatilization, precipitation, and the like. Therefore, correct and professional storage is crucial for ensuring the quality of pharmaceuticals. Pharmacy refrigerators can provide ideal storage space for the pharmaceuticals and samples highly susceptible to failure at room temperature. The refrigerators are widely used in biomedicine, food inspection, physical chemistry, and other fields and play an indispensable role in such scenarios as hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies.
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