Nucleic Acid Testing at Singapore Airports

As the prevention for COVID-19 pandemic at Singapore airports keeps improving, the demand for rapid nucleic acid testing also increases. Informed about the situation and concerned by the operational needs of front-line customs personnel, Haier Biomedical’s forward thinking team considered the immediate needs and the flexibility requirements for the deployment of equipment for the protection of the working environment, personnel and samples, and quickly provided customized solutions. Two HR1200-IIA2-D biological safety cabinets were immediately provided for the customer to conduct the tests. 

In the three-month trial, Haier Biomedical always placed the customer needs first and actively communicated with the customer to provide them with the best service experience. Haier Biomedical cooperated fully and efficiently in response to the customer's upgrade and replacement to the HR1800-IIA2-X, which has a larger capacity. Given that this model has never been sold overseas before and urgent delivery was required, Haier Biomedical's various departments cooperated closely, responded flexibly, and finally delivered the products on time.

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