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Cold Chain Management, the Key to the Vaccine Storage!

Vaccination is key to reducing the spread and severe cases of COVID-19. For now, the approved COVID-19 vaccines worldwide mainly comprise three types: mRNA-Based vaccine, inactivated vaccine, and adenovirus-vectored vaccine. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the mRNA-Based vaccine has developed rapidly and become one of the most active fields of research.  

Haier Biomedical Int. Team Training Successfully Completed @HBUK

A Delegation of Leaders from Headquarters and the UK from Haier Biomedical Conducted Integrated Training at Haier Biomedical UK Offices and Showroom. 


To Safeguard Last Mile Healthcare, HiClinic is Here!

Haier Biomedical's HiClinic solution helps to address the most important link of different conditions to ensure - the "last mile healthcare " is delivered.


Haier Biomedical Cold Chain Launch Event Held Successfully in South Sudan!

Haier Biomedical’s Successful Cold Chain Solutions Launch Event Held in South Sudan, Contributing to the Further Development of the Local Cold Chain and Healthcare Networks.

Haier Biomedical Solutions Make Laboratories More Environmentally Friendly!

Haier Biomedical laboratory products and solutions have provided the industry with the leading alternative to the scientific management of laboratory wastes, while ensuring safe, secure, efficient, and intelligent research, aiming at creating a green laboratory ecosystem. By introducing the concept of environmental protection into product design for source control, the Company ushers in a new era of green laboratories, which is not only of great significance to improving the scientific research output of medical institutions, but also reflects the social responsibility of an environment-friendly corporate.

Haier Biomedical New Breakthrough in Kenya!

Haier Biomedical steps into a new overseas healthcare market. 1000 BSX583 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors delivered to Kenya gained high praise, and a new order of 2000 is in development!


Haier Biomedical’s Complete Vaccine Cold Chain Solutions Approved by Myanmar CLL

Haier Biomedical cooperated with CLL providing hundreds of cold chain equipment and devices to offer full-scenario cold chain solutions for vaccine storage, transportation, and temperature monitoring in Myanmar. 

Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory1.jpg

Haier Biomedical's Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory Contributes to the Fight Against the Pandemic with Improved Testing Capacity

Haier Biomedical's Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory contributes to the fight against the pandemic with improved testing capacity in Indonesia. After the deployment and application, the daily testing capacity per unit has improved from 2000 to 8000 with the testing time reduced from 18 hours to 2-3 hours at same time.

-150℃ Cryo Freezer-3.jpg

Haier Biomedical's -150℃ Cryo Freezer Takes Cryopreservation into a New Era and Contributes to the Dual Carbon Goals

Lower Carbon, Smart Refrigeration

Delivery Ceremony of the Global Innovative -150℃ Hydrocarbon IoT Cryogenic Freezer

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