Reflections on Protecting the Environment Amid Extreme Weather Conditions


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Recently, the extreme high temperatures that has been sweeping across the European continent becomes a trending topic on social media. The European continent, which should be covered in snow in early January, is experiencing an abnormal temperature increase that soars to a summer-time level. Maximiliano Herrera, a climate scholar who has been tracking extreme temperatures of the planet, said “the heat waves in Europe are on a par with the strongest heat waves in North America for the first time." 

With respect to this issue, Rebecca Oakes, a climate scientist at UK Met Office, said "Human activities such as burning fossil fuels have led to a rise in the global average temperature, and therefore the temperature record is more likely to be broken." In recent years, extreme weather incidents are becoming more and more frequent and severe, plunging people into worrying about the future.

As a matter of fact, human activities have done far more harm to the environment. In the refrigeration industry, the widespread use of Freon has caused environmental problems that have affected, for example, the ozone layer. Additionally, environmental problems such as soil loss, land desertification, and water pollution are also becoming more prominent.

To repair the ozone layer and protect the environment, it is imperative for us to use a fluorine-free refrigerant.

Hydrocarbon refrigeration is currently a state-of-the-art refrigeration technology in the world. As a refrigerant consisting of only hydrogen and carbon, the HC refrigerant is energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It has gradually become the mainstream product in the refrigerant industry with Haier Biomedical leading the industry in these developments.

Committed to its corporate social responsibility philosophy, Haier Biomedical has been pursuing technological innovation and introducing hydrocarbon refrigerant technology to its refrigeration products to make its own contribution to protecting the ozone layer and our planet.

One example of this is Haier Biomedical’s TwinCool Frequency Conversion ULT Freezer, which is now leading the world in the field by integrating dual system technology, frequency conversion technology and energy-saving hydrocarbon technology. Both two refrigeration systems of the freezer can operate independently and maintain the temperature at -80 °C. Even in the unlikely case that one system fails; the other system can continue to maintain the -80 ℃ temperature to store samples safely. In addition to using the HC refrigeration technology, the freezer is innovatively designed with a frequency conversion compressor. The combination of intelligent frequency-conversion technology and a HC refrigeration system allows the 828L freezer to consume only 10kWh electricity every 24 hours, reducing power consumption by 50% compared with a traditional HFC refrigeration system. This enables the freezer to not only produce zero pollution, thus protecting the environment, but also reduce energy consumption to single digits, thus achieving a dual energy-saving design.

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In the North American market, Haier Biomedical’s ULT Freezers are very popular among customers. For example, Johns Hopkins University introduced the freezers to provide a safe storage environment for scientific research samples. The UCSD - Bode Lab of the University of California brought in the freezers to empower its research on Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs).

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In the South American market, Haier Biomedical’s ULT Freezers continue to play an important role in establishing the local vaccine cold chain. Chile, Argentina, and other countries distribute Haier Biomedical’s ULT Freezers to various regions to help the local vaccination efforts.

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In Europe, CryoArks, a biobank in the UK, introduced Haier Biomedical’s ULT Freezers to protect the samples of endangered species. To ensure the safe storage of vaccines, the freezers were installed at the hospital of Brno University of Technology in Czech Republic, which was covered by many of the local mainstream media outlets.

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In Asia, Haier Biomedical’s ULT Freezers have been deployed in vaccine storage projects in Pakistan and has been highly recognized by the local government by virtue of its excellent performance and advanced energy -saving hydrocarbon technology. Radiant, a famous medical care solution supplier in Bangladesh has reached in-depth cooperation with Haier Biomedical. All these cases and references testify to the appreciation from customers for the energy-saving performance of our ULT Freezer.

Haier Biomedical is concerned about global environmental issues and is willing to undertake corporate responsibilities to achieve the ongoing development of environmentally friendly solutions. Haier Biomedical will remain committed to technological innovation, and we will develop products and protection programs conducive to sustainable development of the environment, thus maintaining environmental health together with the international community.