Recommended Product: Plasma Blast Freezer


Since its invention, the plasma blast freezer has undergone a process of from scratch to continued technical advancement, from mixed usage to specialization. The first generation of the plasma blast freezer is converted from low temperature refrigerator, the freezing efficiency was low and the effect is poor; the second generation of plasma blast freezer was to achieve the purpose of fast freezing by accelerating the heat exchange between air and refrigerant, the effect is still inefficient; while the third generation has been  designed with contact method, through the high efficiency compressor to stabilize the metal plate at -50℃ temperature, so that the plasma bag and the cold plate are in direct contact for heat transfer, which achieves the fast freezing of plasma in the real sense.

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With the development of technology, the plasma blast freezer has become an indispensable instrument in the medical industry, not only to help accomplish "multiple uses of a bag of blood", but also to improve blood safety.

Haier Biomedical's new plasma blast freezer is mainly used in blood stations, plasma stations and medical institutions for the quick-freezing treatment of plasma products and has been widely recognized by users once it was launched.

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Haier Biomedical Plasma Blast Freezer upgrades the traditional plasma freezing workflow with information, automation and intelligence through IoT technology. By interfacing with the blood management system, it achieves the data synchronization of the blood management system, combined with the standardization of the blood management process, the device information can be uploaded to the cloud platform in real time, and all plasma is intelligently managed and the information is clear at a glance.

1.Rapid-Freezing, Efficient Cooling

Haier Biomedical’s Plasma Blast Freezer center has a fast freezing tray design, the temperature can be quickly frozen to below -30°C within 45 minutes, effectively ensuring the activity of factor VIII, which not only improves the efficiency of fast freezing of plasma, but also easily saves manpower.

2.Intelligent Data Protection, Information Traceable

Haier Biomedical Plasma Blast Freezer is designed with innovative password protection to ensure accurate and safe plasma information; 10-inch touch screen is designed for easy viewing of temperature curve and data, real-time recording of quick-freezing time, and temperature parameters can be adjusted through the display, which is efficient and fast, and the stored data can be exported via USB to make each freezing cycle traceable throughout.

3.Efficient Core Components, Energy Saving

Haier Biomedical's innovative use of high-efficiency compressors and dual-stage cooling system improves cooling efficiency by 20% compared to single-stage, enhancing efficiency while stabilizing and cooling faster at low temperatures; using hydrocarbon refrigerant, saving energy, and protecting the environment; Split-style design reduces indoor noise and heat dissipation, improving user comfort at work.

4.Precise Temperature Control, Control Precision 1°C

Plasma storage temperature, freezing time and defrosting time can be set flexibly according to needs, PLC control module increases system stability, simple operation, avoid mis-operation, temperature control is accurate to 1°C, fully ensure plasma safety, quick-freezing temperature can be reduced to -60°C.

Haier Biomedical is committed to the development of global healthcare and will continue to focus on user needs for product innovation in the future, providing users with more scenario solutions and leading the booming development of the biomedical industry.