Haier Biomedical's -150℃ Cryo Freezer Takes Cryopreservation into a New Era and Contributes to the Dual Carbon Goals

On March 16, a delivery ceremony was held at Haier Biomedical’s IoT manufacturing facility in Qingdao, themed to “Focus on Lower Carbon, Smart Refrigeration for New Life” was held for the -150℃ Cryo Freezer, a hydrocarbon IoT cryogenic freezer that leads the world in advancing life science low carbon refrigeration storage. Haier Biomedical delivered 60 units of the -150℃ Cryo Freezers to international markets this week.


This is not only a technology breakthrough from Haier Biomedical in cryogenic refrigeration, but also a positive response to China's "Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutral" strategy.  It is of great significance to enhance the influences of China's self-owned brands in the global industry and promote the high-quality development of the biomedical industry.  


Breaking through technical problems and redefining cryopreservation

Climate change is a global issue faced by us all. In September 2020, President Xi Jinping announced that China would strive to peak CO2 emissions and achieve carbon neutrality. Environmentally friendly refrigerants are attracting more and more attention from the industry, and Europe completely banned fluorinated refrigerants since 2021. Some background to our journey to the 16th March, the environmentally friendly and energy-saving -150℃ Cryogenic Freezer encountered several urgent technical problems in terms of refrigeration system selection and refrigerant ratio determination. Faced with these difficulties, Haier Biomedical was brave enough to make bold exploration and innovation and creatively developed the -150℃ Hydrocarbon IoT Cryogenic Freezer in response to the requirements of the time as well as market requirements, achieving a major international milestone in the field of cryogenic storage. Haier Biomedical’s latest technology breakthrough takes the global cryopreservation industry into a new era with its extreme environmentally friendly and energy-saving performance with superior stability and uniformity. 

Leading the global cryopreservation industry with efficient and stable IoT and hydrocarbon refrigeration technologies

The -150℃ hydrocarbon IoT cryogenic freezer fresh of the manufacturing line has integrated environmental friendliness, energy saving, strong stability, and high efficiency to the world of cryopreservation storage. In terms of security, it uses a self-regulating pressure control system to ensure a stable internal pressure environment for the refrigeration system and transmits the freezer alarms in real-time through a mobile APP to safeguard the samples. With the help of the new-generation hydrocarbon refrigerants combined with the dual-compressor four-stage cascade refrigeration system, the product can adapt to a wide range of ambient temperatures from 10℃ to 32℃, with smaller inner temperature fluctuation, thus achieving better and industry leading stability. The product saves the most energy in the industry, up to 30% and in terms of environmental friendliness, the unit can further protect the environment through the usage of hydrocarbon refrigerants. Additionally, it is super quiet and very suitable for use in labs with a noise level down to 55dB, it provides users with a more harmonious working experience.

The delivery of the 60 units of -150℃ Cryo Freezers is the strongest voice for independent technology innovation made by the Haier Biomedical team representing China's self-owned brands to international markets.


In fact, Haier Biomedical has been contributing through technology and innovation major strategic scientific research projects around the world, this has been achieved with industry leading R&D and manufacturing advantages in the cryogenic refrigeration field. Up until now, Haier Biomedical has helped in establishing more than 3000 biobanks, including the China Marrow Donor Program, China National Gene Bank, China Human Genetic Resources Bank, Wuhan Institute of Virology, CAS, the UK Biobank, and the public hospitals of Copenhagen, Denmark. Haier Biomedical’s spacer refrigerator has entered outer space six times carried by the Shenzhou spacecraft to make contributions to space medical research. Haier’s food refrigerator was incorporated into the Tianhe Space Station’s core module to guarantee the fresh fruit and vegetable supply to the aerospace personnel. All these have shown Haier Biomedical’s technological innovation strength as an independent brand of China.

As a national brand, Haier Biomedical focuses on creating the best user experience in the Biomedical and Life Science sector. Aiming at the forefront of global scientific and technological innovation, the team at Haier Biomedical strive to bring more and more new products and new solutions to the world as the leader of biosafety science and technology ecosystems worldwide.