Haier Biomedical RKN Container makes pharmaceuticals safer and makes life better!


With the increasing demands for temperature-sensitive supplies such as biomedicines, vaccines, and fresh perishable goods in both quantity and quality, aviation cold chain logistics has made significant development in recent years as a mode of transportation with improved delivery times and safety. Aviation cold chain logistics for pharmaceuticals particularly has emerged as a crucial point for the sector to be competitive for global airlines and large air transport hubs to provide the latest technology.

Two critical steps in the development of aviation cold chain logistics are the innovation and evolving of new temperature control technology, and the establishment of applicable operational procedures and standards. Fortunately, the WHO, IATA, as well as government regulators and the industry have achieved amazing accomplishments in these two areas via unrelenting coordinated efforts. IATA has elevated the operational and support capacities of the manufacturers, airports, airlines, freight forwarders, and logistics businesses concerned to a new higher level with CEIV Pharma certification.

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The market currently prefers temperature-controlled air cargo containers equipped with active technologies such as compressor refrigeration and electric heating. They are the most technologically advanced temperature-controlled devices today, with the most precise temperature control effect, and containers are capable of efficiently safeguarding commodities with stringent temperature requirements, high value, that require air transport. However, due to the industry being in its infancy, the sector has been faced with several obstacles, such as, limited existing manufacturers that can produce active temperature-controlled air cargo containers and high costs, resulting in insufficient supply of containers. 

Qingdao Haier Biomedical Co., Ltd. has begun its aggressive exploration in the aviation temperature control industry since 2021 because of its acute understanding into market needs and profound technology history in cold chain transport solutions. Haier Biomedical has successively established strategic cooperative relationships with China Southern Airlines Logistics, Russian Airbridge Cargo Airlines and created high-quality and high-standard air transport service scenarios.

Emerging equipment manufacturers represented by Haier Biomedical have injected new vitality into the development of the industry. Together delivering superior and cost-effective solutions to customers while also contributing to the rapid growth of air pharma cold chain logistics and the global fight against COVID-19.