Committed to Global Healthcare Development

A report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank shows that the pandemic would hinder two decades of global progress toward universal health coverage. And according to a WHO news report, more than 500 million people are slipping into extreme poverty. U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said that as the third year of the pandemic approaches, we must strengthen our health systems urgently to ensure they are equitable, resilient and able to meet the needs of everyone. Facing the severe anti-pandemic situation, Haier Biomedical, the world’s leading IoT biosafety solution provider, has been the first to assist in the prevention and control of the pandemic with its technical advantages in the field of ultra-low temperature storage and delivery of the IoT biosafety technology ecosystem. During this indifferent time, the Haier Biomedical team will continue to strengthen our commitment to develop pandemic prevention solutions to build a biosafety protection system globally.


Fight Against the Pandemic and Build a Biosafety Barrier

As an IoT biosafety ecosystem brand, Haier Biomedical responded quickly and was the first to bring equipment and pandemic prevention materials to the front line to build a “security barrier” for major hospitals. On January 18, Haier Biomedical provided biological safety cabinets and other products to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital. Haier Biomedical met the biological sample testing needs of Wuhan Institute of Virus, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Virus Resource Bank. And the IoT ultra-low temperature equipment was provided for academician Zhong Nanshan from Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases to meet the biological sample testing needs in 3 hours.


Devoted to Protect Vaccine Safety and Contribute to the Fight Against the Pandemic

With the pandemic now part of everyday life, COVID-19 vaccination has become a top priority in the global fight against the pandemic. As a global supplier and manufacturer of complete cold chain solutions, Haier Biomedical has become a partner of the vaccination program with the United Nations and WHO to build a global vaccine delivery ecosystem. Haier Biomedical has delivered 350 ULT freezers to more than 45 countries through COVAX, and 20,000 cold chain products worldwide in 2021. Haier Biomedical during these times has served and safeguarded the health of more than 10 million women and children in India, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, striving to improve immunization in hard to reach areas, and globally to support healthcare networks to the last mile.


Solving the “Last Mile” Problem in Africa with Heartfelt Support to Every Corner of the World

There are many remote areas in countries or regions in Africa who do not have access to healthcare clinics due to poor transportation conditions and complicated terrain. The lack of basic medical equipment, professional medical personnel and even electricity supply results in the lack of safe, secure, and reliable storage conditions for vaccines. Therefore, people’s health and safety are not guaranteed, which hinders the process of mass immunization. Haier Biomedical with the United Nations and WHO, has helped these regions to build a complete process of production, transportation, customs clearance, distribution, installation, and maintenance, providing complete cold chain product solutions to solve the “last mile” problem. From mobile vaccination vehicles, vaccine transport vehicles to vaccine refrigerators and vaccine storage refrigerators, Haier Biomedical helped vaccination projects in Africa to run smoothly.

bangladesh case.jpg

Considering the difficulty of transporting vaccines in Cameroon due to its special geographical conditions, Haier Biomedical cooperated with the United Nations on CCEOP projects at the beginning of 2021 to provide solar-powered vaccine equipment designed for remote areas in Africa, providing solutions tailored to local conditions. Haier Biomedical also in 2021 provided a complete cold chain solution for the comprehensive vaccination program in the Republic of Togo. From central to local areas, Haier Biomedical provided more vaccination options for the Togolese people and accelerated the vaccination progress by making full use of the performance advantages of the transport container. The most special “last mile” project is on the Transvaco, a new health train in South Africa, where Haier Biomedical helped safeguard 108,000 vials of COVID-19 vaccine to reach remote communities along the railroad and places with limited medical resources.

vaccin train.jpg

In the future, Haier Biomedical will continue to take up its social responsibility as a large enterprise, and care about every “last mile” of the world, so that all people in remote areas have secure, safe, and reliable access and equal medical security. Haier Biomedical works hard for the ‘Intelligent Protection of Life Science’ to ‘Make Life Better for tomorrow for all humanity.

Protect the Global Environment and Develop Stirling Technology

For a long time, Haier Biomedical has attached great importance to environmental protection. Over the years, Haier Biomedical has made many efforts in hydrocarbon refrigeration in order to achieve energy saving and reduce the damage to the ozone layer, and achieved significant results. For a longer-term environmental protection plan, Haier Biomedical launched a research project of “High-efficiency Stirling refrigerator control system and its application in ultra-low temperature refrigerators” several years ago, and successfully broke through the problem of high-efficiency Stirling refrigerator control technology. Stirling refrigeration technology is an advanced, green low-temperature refrigeration technology, which can achieve high efficiency and large cooling capacity at the same time. After developing the more efficient, low-carbon and environmentally friendly Stirling technology, Haier Biomedical will continue to research and develop the industrial application of this technology, pushing the domestic and global deep cryogenic storage industry into a new era.


Today, global poverty levels are rising rapidly due to the pandemic, which has exacerbated the poverty challenges in many areas of the world that are already in dire need of development. As a leading global company, Haier Biomedical actively takes its corporate social responsibility as a large enterprise and makes the greatest effort to help all to develop an immediate and sustainable global health immunization system. Haier Biomedical will make every effort to continuously develop and provide high-quality products and professional solutions to help the world overcome the difficulties for a better tomorrow!