Together Creating Better Future Through the Intelligent Protection of Life Science


Haier Biomedical’s Annual Distributor Conference was successfully held in Qingdao in May 2023 with the theme of together creating a better future through the intelligent protection of life science, where distributors, partners and key stakeholders from dozens of countries and regions around the world gathered to discuss the future with Haier Biomedical. The conference summarized Haier Biomedical's past achievements and shared its future strategies and plans, to implement its brand development concept in life science and medical innovation with quality product solutions and services.

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After 17 years of international "pioneering", Haier Biomedical has grown from a channelized development stage of serving only individual countries and individual projects during the start-up period to a global enterprise focusing on a global localization strategy layout, focusing on strengthening service capabilities, including the No. 1 market share of UN International's global vaccine cold chain and acquiring Haishengjie (liquid nitrogen container), Sandaweiye (plasma separation and consumables), Jinweixin (medical service system), Kangsheng (consumables), Houhong (medical innovation system) and other companies to accelerate the industrial layout and overall expansion.

Under the wave of digital economy, Haier Biomedical number one focus is the user, this is our overall intention for the betterment of health care for all. This is achieved by taking innovation and development as above a beyond, ploughing deep into the ecological scenario field. With continuous investment to strengthen the capacity by building three key aspects for health care and medical development. First, strengthen integrated marketing capability, based on market and user positioning, by focus on building brand awareness, friendliness, exposure, authority, and reputation. Secondly, enhance professional interaction experience capability. With Qingdao as the headquarters support, to enhance the interactive experience of international users, build five major User Training Centers in Dubai, Nigeria, Singapore, UK, and St. Louis to maximize the brand development with the outcome to enhance the brand value and user value. Finally, relying on the QAS service platform, we will improve the supply chain capability of rapid response, guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, and build a panoramic layout of "International Warehouses + International factories + Local Logistics".

Up to now, Haier Biomedical has innovated five smart scenario solutions, based on five major user channels, including biobank, hospital, disease control centers, blood and plasma stations, universities and research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies, has used digital technology to empower the upgrade of five scenarios, to promote the high-quality development of the industry. The important support for Haier Biomedical to maintain high growth is to adhere to users needs, to create more solutions and scenarios based on "co-creation and win-win solution"; always keep pace with the times and the industry, along the "Equipment + Platform + Service" model innovation with an emphasis as the key to Haier Biomedical delivering the best solutions for users and the market, and continue to lead the global health care and medical industry. 

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The essence of the digital economy era is to adhere to the user-oriented approach and make digitalization serve users. Specifically in terms of practical applications, to achieve the digital reconstruction of industrial model by integrating digital technologies such as Internet of Things to liberate people, serve people, add value to people and trust each other with a safer and more efficient digital scene. At present, Haier Biomedical products and solutions have entered 135+ countries and regions worldwide, covering tens of thousands of hospitals, biotechnology enterprises, universities and research institutions, disease control, plasma stations, testing institutions and other end-users in the medical and health fields in China and across the globe. Haier Biomedical international has maintained long-term and continuous cooperation with more than 40 international organizations, such as UN organizations, CDC, FDA, Biobanks to name but a few, promoting technical and cultural exchanges between different countries and protecting the lives and health of people around the world.

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As a leading company in the biomedical industry, Haier Biomedical is committed to contributing to the global medical business. Haier Biomedical firmly believes that health care services with technological innovation as the core will change the future of humanity. Haier Biomedical takes " Smart guarding life, Making life better" as its mission and keeps launching innovative and forward-looking products to build a global leading medical and health care ecosystem. Even in the complex international environment, in the field of biosafety where challenges and opportunities coexist, Haier Biomedical will join hands with global partners to build a sustainable biomedical ecosystem with mutual benefits and mutual assistance, together to create a better future through the intelligent protection of life science.