Recommended Product: New Biobank Series Liquid Nitrogen Container


Liquid nitrogen is a substance no stranger to many, and has been featured in various scenarios, from its portrayal in science fiction as a means of resurrecting frozen persons, to its real-life application in the first case of cryopreservation of human bodies, such as the case of American billionaire James Bedford in 1967. Given that liquid nitrogen’s low boiling point at atmospheric pressure is as low as -196°C, it is crucial that biological samples are stored in a vacuum adiabatic insulated container to realize their long-term storage.

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In the 1960s, scientists designed a device that used liquid nitrogen as a refrigeration source to successfully treat Parkinson’s disease and tumors by freezing the hypothalamus. Since then, liquid nitrogen container’s presence and application value in the field of life sciences have been increasingly prominent.

At present, Haier Biomedical offers six series of liquid nitrogen container products catered to different requirements and fit a wide array of use scenarios, that is, Biobank Series LN2 Storage Solutions, Smart Series LN2 Storage Solutions, Medium Series LN2 Storage Solutions, Small Sized Storage Series LN2 Storage Solutions, Dryshipper Series LN2 Storage Solutions, and Self-pressurized Series for LN2 Storage and Supply. Each series of products is designed to match different requirements based on the specific use scenarios, which solves the problems arising during the storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen. With their strong adaptability, high performance, and low consumption, Haier Biomedical’s liquid nitrogen containers not only ensure the safety of the sample but also safeguard the safety of personnel.

On this basis, Haier Biomedical recently unveiled its latest product, the Biobank Series Liquid Nitrogen Container. This innovative container is designed to ensure the safe storage of biological samples in all aspects through its new intelligent monitoring system, intelligent double security lock, and excellent anti-frost and easy access design.

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Design Highlights of Biobank Series Liquid Nitrogen Container

NO.1 Enhanced Accessibility

The product boasts a full-opening design at its top, with a hydraulic opening lid, which not only makes it easier to store and remove samples, but also conserves energy. This design also liberates the operator’s hands, eliminating the need for manual opening and closing.

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NO.2 Reduced Frosting and Freezing

The product introduces a cover and sandwich design, as well as an innovative and unique exhaust structure that can prevent frosting around the neck opening.

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NO.3 Brand-new Intelligent Monitoring System

The system design of this product adopts the latest intelligent monitoring application with IoT module, which can be connected with Haier’s big data cloud platform to realize remote data transmission. With three linked screens, in the event of an abnormality, this product can be remotely alarmed through an app and email to prevent any potential loss of samples that may occur due to the abnormality.

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