Haier Biomedical Successfully Finished our Journey at Analytica Munich 2022!


On June 24, Analytica Munich 2022, the four day’s event came to a successful close. During which, Haier Biomedical’s EU team showcased the world-leading laboratory and complete cold chain solutions, conducted demonstrations and on-site experience, and every visitor of the booth was extremely impressed with our professional team, products, services and solutions.


I. One-Stop Lab Safety Solution

The one-stop laboratory safety solution developed by Haier Biomedical, can safeguard the safety of researchers, samples and environment during the complete process of R&D with the support of IoT technologies and superior products performance.

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II. Complete Cold Chain Solutions

As the global complete cold chain solution supplier and manufacturer, Haier Biomedical delivers a complete cold-chain solution ranging from production, preservation to transportation, temperature monitoring, and inoculation to provide high-quality products and services for labs, colleges, universities, the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and R&Ds enterprises and institutions around the world and guarantee the last-mile safety of the vaccines, samples and medicines.

What’s interesting and worth mentioning is the -150℃ (DW-150W209) HC refrigerant environmentally friendly Cryo freezer manufactured by Haier Biomedical. It attracted significant attention from the visitors during the event. The product has broken through the limit in energy saving and environmental protection with HC refrigerant, saving electricity by 30%, which also delivers excellent temperature stability and uniformity and can adapt to a wide ambient temperature range from 10℃ to 32℃.

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On June 24, the last day of the exhibition, Haier Biomedical, as a Chinese enterprise, accepted an interview by a German Chinese TV station upon invitation and gained great recognition during the interview. It was obviously evident to all visitors to the Haier Biomedical stand that the new EU team is strong, has a tremendous admiration for each other and comradery that will ensure the immediate success of the globalization by localization strategy implemented late 2021.


Since its establishment, Haier Biomedical has grown into a comprehensive solution provider for various biotechnology challenges and one of the largest biomedical cryogenic storage companies in the world. For now, Haier Biomedical’s products have been distributed to more than 160 countries and regions, serving 1 billion end users.

As the Analytica Munich 2022 rounded off, we would like to thank everyone for your attention, consultation, and support. In the future, we will continue to take the lead in innovations and explore new products and new scenarios constantly to deliver reliable, safe, and intelligent products and solutions, committed to global healthcare development for the intelligent protection of life science to make life better!