Haier Biomedical New Breakthrough in Kenya!

Engaging in a multidisciplinary comprehensive field, Haier Biomedical’s businesses tend to expand vertically. Regarding the home environment, Haier Biomedical strives to create a leading ecosystem brand in the home healthcare industry to provide users with intelligent, professional, and humanized product solutions and services. As a leading product, Haier Biomedical Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor not only meets the various home healthcare needs but also helps the company to open new overseas market opportunities to support general home healthcare needs. 

Recently, 1000 BSX583 Smart Blood Pressure Monitors have been shipped to Kenya, which has helped Haier Biomedical to open up the Kenya market and also a new step into the overseas healthcare market.  

The blood pressure monitors that had been used previously by customers was an old model available in that market which has various problems such as complicated operation, low accuracy, and the need for professional guidance to use. The customer has to spend a lot of time dealing with various complaints, which increases costs and also poses a negative impact on its reputation and brand.

Blood Pressure Monitors2.png

Despite some challenges during these indifferent time, the Haier Biomedical team had done everything to coordinate factory resources, guarantee the order production, and ensure the delivery of the products as scheduled while ensuring the safety of the production and delivery personnel. Finally, the Haier Biomedical team completed the production and delivery of the products a few days ahead of schedule. The customer was satisfied with this and immediately expressed their intention to cooperate again with a new order of 2,000 smart blood pressure monitors.

During this successful case, through an in-depth understanding of customer needs, closely combining professional technologies with customer needs, and starting with the actual problems that need to be solved urgently, Haier Biomedical has figured out the preferences of customers and the whole Kenyan market, successfully opened the Kenyan market, and won the trust of customers. Through this, the Company has achieved a breakthrough in the home medical care field in Kenya and opened up new market space overseas.  

Looking into the future, Haier Biomedical will continue to focus on the best user experience, aim at the forefront of global scientific and technological innovations, and bring more and more new products and solutions to the world, finally growing into the absolute leader of China's biosafety science and technology ecosystem.