Haier Biomedical Approved By Bangladesh Authorities


Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) are air-purifying negative-pressure safety devices that prevent the aerosol dispersion of biological particles containing hazardous or unknown properties during experimental operations and processing. BSC’s working principle is mainly to draw the air inside the cabinet outwards to maintain a negative pressure to protect staff through vertical airflow. The outside air is filtered through a high efficiency air filter (HEPA filter) and then enters the safety cabinet to avoid contamination of the samples during operation. The air inside the cabinet also needs to be filtered before being discharged into the atmosphere to protect the environment. The product is widely used in research, teaching, clinical testing, and production in the fields of microbiology, biomedicine, genetic engineering, and biological products.

ICDDRB (International Centre For Diarrheal Diseases Research Bangladesh) is one of the world's leading global health research institutions dedicated to addressing the public health problems faced by low- and middle-income countries through innovative scientific research that has had a profound impact on health policy and medical practice locally and globally. As an authority on senior pathology center in Bangladesh, the ICDDRB has strict requirements for its laboratory research and biosafety equipment.

Haier Biomedical, as the industry leader of biosafety digital healthcare, aims to create the best user experience, Haier Biomedical products are widely recognized by end users for its superior performance and high quality. Not that long ago, Haier Biomedical provided three HR900-IIAA2 biosafety cabinets to ICDDRB for its disease control and R&D work.


The customer is very satisfied with the stability and performance of the BSC product. Haier Biomedical Biological Safety Cabinets are designed with intelligent constant air velocity technology which provides real-time monitoring of the air velocity of the working area, while keeping the air speed constant. Meanwhile, air flow disruption technology prevents cross flow between inside and outside airflow, with the superior air-flow distribution module providing a more uniform airflow, reducing contamination; In addition, the cabinet is designed with the American AAF (ULPA) filter with a typical efficiency of >99.9995% for 0.12 micron particles, providing vertical laminar flow to the worktable to protect samples from pollution; Finally, the digital microprocessor control system provides real-time display of key parameters and timely feedback on safety issues via audible and visual alarms, providing maximum security for laboratory personnel, environmental protection and sample protection.


As the global supplier and manufacturer of complete cold chain solutions, Haier Biomedical is committed to providing professional technology and quality products to customers and end users around the world, actively focusing on various anti-epidemic projects and contributing to the development of scientific research worldwide.