Haier Biomedical's Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory Contributes to the Fight Against the Pandemic with Improved Testing Capacity


COVID-19 cases have surged in Indonesia with the end of the long new year holidays and the spread of the Omicron variant. As of March 11, Indonesia has reported 5.86 million confirmed cases cumulatively, including 5.33 million cases of patients cured and discharged from the hospital.


As public places featuring dense and complicated flow of people, airports are the main battlefield of preventing importation, spread, and exportation of the pandemic. According to Indonesia's pandemic prevention policies, all domestic airline passengers must have a negative PCR test certificate before traveling by air, and all incoming passengers must accept PCR nucleic acid testing again at the airports of entry. However, as the huge traffic requires a testing speed and quality that is far beyond the capability of the existing testing method, airports sustained enormous pressures, and passengers also suffered great travel inconvenience. To improve the speed and efficiency of nucleic acid testing, local airports of the Sumatra Island in Northern Indonesia introduced the Mobile PCR Nucleic Acid Testing Laboratory designed by Haier Biomedical.  


The Haier Biomedical Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory was introduced by the local airports in Indonesia mainly for its five advantages, which can specifically solve the various problems faced by Indonesia during the pandemic prevention and control. 


According to official data, since the beginning of 2022, the daily number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases has reached over 10,000 in Indonesia, making the situation very tense. Time is life. It is very crucial to identify the current and potential infected cases with an improved testing speed by scientific and technological means, which is also the precondition of effectively implementing Indonesia's 3T (Testing, Tracking, and Treatment) pandemic prevention and control policies. In this process, the deployment speed of the testing tools and the PCR testing efficiency play a decisive role in timely detecting the sources of the virus and cutting off the transmission routes as soon as possible. Such an intense situation gives full play to Haier Biomedical's Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory's advantages as follows:

■Quick Delivery

Haier Biomedical's staff stand by all the time. From receiving orders to delivering goods, we need about 15 days only, thus greatly improving the efficiency of pandemic prevention.  

■Quick Deployment

Pre-installed with the required testing equipment, the Haier Biomedical Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory is very convenient to use without the need for too much commissioning. It can achieve deployment and help the pandemic prevention workers to get started quickly. Also, it is movable and can be freely adjusted for use at various pandemic prevention scenarios. After the pandemic becomes controlled, it can also serve as daily pandemic prevention means and national medical reserve.  

■Quick Testing Speed

After being deployed at the airports in replacement of the traditional testing method, it has greatly improved the local testing capacity and quality, with the testing time reduced from 18h to 2-3h and the daily testing capacity improved from 2000 to 6000-8000 per Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory.

II.On-demand Customization

Depending on the pandemic situations and testing procedures, different countries may require different PCR testing tools. Designed with 3 core functional zones and 2 auxiliary functional zones based on a standard container, the Haier Biomedical Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory can be customized according to the customer's demands and pre-installed with all the required equipment to better satisfy the requirements and fit the actual conditions. According to Gunadi, Indonesia's Health Minister, the newly confirmed cases are mostly infected by the Omicron variant in Indonesia, so the Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory delivered to Indonesia was equipped with an Omicron-exclusive PCT testing functional zone. 


III.Constant Temperature and Humidity

Indonesia's typical tropical rainforest climate, which features high temperature and humidity, is very unfriendly for specimen transfer and storage. If specimen quality cannot be guaranteed, the accuracy of the test results will also be greatly reduced. Haier Biomedical's Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory is capable of maintaining appropriate temperature (18-26℃) and humidity (30%-70%) most suitable for specimen storage and testing inside the testing cabin even in severe cold or extremely hot regions. Equipped with an integrated air conditioning unit, which features multiple functions, such as refrigeration and purification (medical cleanliness level), it needs no additional pipe laying and thus can minimize any safety risks.

IV. Safe, Secure, Reliable and Intelligent

According to the local media, hundreds of health workers and testing workers have gotten infected in Indonesia as a result of inadequate isolation measures and incomplete disinfection of the working environment. The Haier Biomedical Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory can be configured into a highly automated Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 laboratory according to the users' requirements to reach automatic diagnosis, automatic analysis, safety management as key examples, and finally solve these problems. Also, the laboratory cabin is equipped with multi-language touch screen control and intercom systems to facilitate the operation, differential pressure adjustment, and communication of the medical workers and minimize direct control. Both inside and outside of the cabin are equipped with monitoring systems, air purifying sterilizers, and ultraviolet sterilizers to ensure the safety of the laboratory and the medical workers.


V. Powerful After-Sales Support

With a strong after-sales network, Haier Biomedical can provide a complete service system and strict quality control all over the world. We have specialized professionals to track and deal with each problem reported by the customers concerning use or quality until it is resolved. The Haier Biomedical team also organizes regular training for partners to solve the worries of users. 

A big thank you to the sustained efforts of all parties, the pandemic in Indonesia has eased in recent weeks, with the daily newly confirmed cases beginning to decline. Haier Biomedical's Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory has received wide recognition for its performance. It has played a key role in all stages of the pandemic, including the early stage, the widespread stage, and the local outbreak stage, and has made an indispensable contribution to the final control of the disease.

In addition to the Mobile PCR Testing Laboratory, Haier Biomedical has also launched a variety of similar products, including the Mobile Clinic that vaccinates pregnant women and children and performs routine check-ups in remote and hard to reach areas; Haier Biomedical's Mobile Solar-Drive Lab collects, screens, and tests the infectious disease specimens in remote areas. Also, Haier Biomedical has specially designed a refrigerated transport vehicle for medicines, drugs, vaccines, and other products with strict temperature requirements to serve cold-chain transportation. Haier Biomedical is always devoted to bringing more new products and solutions to the world and delivering more biomedical research programs to make life better through the intelligent protection of life science.