Haier Biomedical Assists Healthcare in African Countries to Protect our Home – Planet Earth


As the pandemic continues to affect us all, countries have regarded vaccination as an effective way to build an immune protection barrier against COVID. Marc Vincent, a representative from UNICEF stationed in the Ivory Coast of Africa, said, "Vaccine can save lives. As health workers and other front-line staff are vaccinated, life will gradually return to normal."

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However, in the scorching Africa heat, the small electricity coverage and incomplete public facilities and medical facility systems mean’s the storage and transportation of vaccines is a challenging problem. Haier Biomedical, concerned with the global anti-pandemic campaign, has assisted countries in Africa in fighting COVID. To increase the vaccination rate in Africa, Haier Biomedical has continuously stepped up its assistance to healthcare in African countries and has made important contributions to building the medical cold chain across Africa.


Haier Biological Empowers Uganda CCEOP project

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Before poliovirus vaccine is given, Haier Biomedical provided Uganda with 1435 vaccine refrigerators, which were delivered, installed and commissioned by our local partner Beyond Logistics LTD (BLL) to more than 130 regions across the country. Meanwhile, Haier Biomedical will provide Uganda with a three -year after-sales service period, as high -quality products and comprehensive after-sales services are of great significance in reducing diseases caused by the deterioration of vaccines.


Solar vaccine refrigerator enables South Sudan to build a professional medical cold chain platform

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The Republic of South Sudan, located in the northernmost part of Africa, is one of the most challenging countries in the world. The difficult medical conditions have seriously affected the transportation, storage, and use of its vaccines. To solve this problem, Haier Biomedical has launched a complete cold chain solution covering the entire process from production and transportation to storage temperature monitoring and vaccination. In addition, Haier Biomedical has provided 260 solar vaccine refrigerators for South Sudan, greatly facilitating the development of the local medical cold chain.


Haier Biomedical assists the prevention and control of pandemic diseases

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To prevent new infectious diseases from threatening developing countries, Haier Biomedical delivered a solar mobile laboratory for the Institut Pasteur of Senegal. Using advanced solar technology, the laboratory can detect and control diseases in electricity-shortage areas of Senegal by quickly identifying the source of infection and cutting off the spread of diseases. Apart from this solution, and to ensure the safe storage of samples, Haier Biomedical equipped the Institut Pasteur with a solar-driven vaccine refrigerator. This localized cold chain solution has helped us win the gratitude from the Institut Pasteur.

Additionally, Haier Biomedical has played a leading key stakeholder role in building the medical cold chain for Morocco, establishing the scientific research network for pandemic prevention in Nigeria, and implementing the Cameroon CCEOP project. Considering customers’ needs, Haier Biomedical has provided customized solutions for different scenarios, receiving appreciation and recognition from users. Moving forward, Haier Biomedical will continue to pay attention to global public health, empower the healthcare sector through innovation, and boost the development of global immunization.