HB U-Blood Solution Approved by Partners


Blood safety is an important part of public health management and an global healthcare concern for safety of blood from vein to vein. On March 17th, and in order to learn from China's advanced smart blood management solution and improve the level of blood safety management, Haier Biomedical's international partners and senior management team visited Qingdao Municipal Hospital, Qingdao Central Blood Station to learn the smart blood management platform. This not only demonstrates the global leadership of the U-Blood Solution created with Haier Biomedical, but also means that Haier Biomedical's smart blood model has taken a new journey of going abroad to promote and copy it international, and contribute the “Haier Power”to the world.

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“Seeing how our RFID U-Blood solution connected with the hospital blood management software has been implemented to offer a full closed loop blood tracking system was incredible to witness. The hospital can remotely issue blood and also track its temp status and GPS position through our RFID transport coolers meaning blood can be taken for emergencies in ambulances and helicopters but more importantly can be returned if not used therefore avoiding wastage. The distribution center is also using the same technology and can easily see which hospitals in the local area require more stock. The time and money saved from wastage and over stocking etc. has enabled the distribution center and the hospitals to streamline their processes and offer a better service to the patients. This solution is leap forward from what most are using currently, and I am convinced it will be used across the planet in the future”. Said Richard Jafrato GM Haier Biomedical UK.

The Internet of Things empowers blood safety and creates a new model of urban blood management, said Vice GM, Mr. Wang of Haier Biomedical International

Blood is the source of life. With the development of information technology such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence, it is highly anticipated to use modern technology to solve blood safety problems. During the hospital visit, Haier Biomedical's international partners and senior management team discussed with the leaders of Qingdao Municipal Hospital and other leaders about blood innovation in smart hospitals. Among them, Cheng Cong, the director of the Blood Transfusion Medicine Department of Qingdao Municipal Hospital, gave a detailed introduction to the current smart blood use scenarios such as distributed blood bank scenarios, in-hospital transfer scenarios, and blood transfusion department blood bank scenarios.

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Specifically, the smart blood transfusion department can achieve automatic monitoring of blood inventory, expiration date, and temperature monitoring through the layout of intelligent blood cell and plasma management refrigerators, with the help of the big data platform, it can also monitor blood quality assurance in the hospital and cold chain equipment. Overall, the monitoring of the operating status for blood transfer, can be achieved with Haier Biomedical’s U-Blood Solution deployment of blood in the hospital and emergency blood outside the hospital by moving forward the intelligent blood refrigerator of the Internet of Things, and can monitor the transfer temperature, alarm information, and door ajar and closing records in real time, improving the qualification rate of blood transfusion.

In addition, during the visit to the blood station in the center of Qingdao, Haier Biomedical's international partners were full of praise for the blood collection and supply mode of the digital blood station. Europe Director, Mr. Giorgio Citarei said after the visit, “That the Haier Biomedical solution that has been innovated, developed, and installed is extraordinary for its completeness in managing the traceability of the temperature of blood bags along the entire route. The solution dramatically increases efficiency and safety in blood bag transfusion”.

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It is said by the Qingdao Central Blood Station, that they have achieved unified supervision of the city's blood quality and comprehensively improved the quality of blood in the city by building paperless blood donation, automated component preparation lines, whole-process smart blood supply, sample testing management, and smart city blood distribution management.  

To Replicate China's Smart Blood Solution to the World

The development of modern medicine is inseparable from the promotion of engineering technology and equipment. 

“Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the collaboration between manufacturer and user and strengthen the drive of clinical needs and innovative technologies to suit all healthcare global requirements. The smart blood management platform jointly engineered by Haier Biomedical and Qingdao Municipal Hospital is not only the most professional solution available on the market, it also uses the latest innovative digital technology to promote the construction of a smart city blood network, but also a new model in the development path of "collaboration between manufacturer and user". Said, Peter Pedersen, Director of International Business Operations at Haier Biomedical.

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The application of the smart blood network platform has promoted the digital upgrade of the intelligent hardware and software of the central blood station and the blood transfusion department of the hospital. The travel accelerates the progress of blood solutions to the international and provides a feasible idea for solving the global blood safety problem as well.

Protecting blood safety is a major task related to global healthcare. As the global-leading innovative digital scenario solution provider in the life science and medical innovation fields, Haier Biomedical has built a timely and efficient blood safety service system through co-creation of the U-Blood Solution, and continues to contribute the Haier Groups wisdom and solutions to global health. Facing the future, Haier Biomedical will continue to develop its independent innovation strength, continuously improve the level of urban blood safety management, help achieve the mission of making life better through the intelligent protection of life science and deliver the highest level of quality and development for global healthcare!