Haier Biomedical Strengthens the Research and Development of Laboratory Consumables and Opens a New Chapter of Smart Labs


Amid the tide of smart medical care development, the building of smart labs has also entered a new era under the support of advanced information technologies and cutting-edge management concepts. Based on traditional labs, smart labs can connect people, machines, and samples through IoT technology to enable intelligent identification, tracking, monitoring, and management of experimental resources. In addition, smart labs can give timely feedback on experimental processes and results. Therefore, smart labs have a high innovation and application value in life science.


On the one hand, as life science develops rapidly, a large number of biological companies have flooded in, making cost reduction and efficiency increase a necessary trend for the development of scientific research. Smart labs can also improve the efficiency of research and development while saving labor costs. On the other hand, digitalization and automation technologies have turned out to be a success in other fields. The digital technologies based on the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing have created conditions for developing smart labs.

For now, building smart labs has become a critical means for developed countries to seize the commanding heights of scientific and technological innovations, as well as a big trend of the rapid development of life science.

As the global-leading digital scenario solution provider in life science and medical innovation, Haier Biomedical has been focusing on self-dependent innovation since its establishment and has received high recognition from many users at home and abroad in the field of the smart laboratory. Through offering a comprehensive IoT scenario solution integrating software and hardware, namely products + services, Haier Biomedical has created a service model from "designing a laboratory" to "building a laboratory" and then to "serving a laboratory" to help users solve their pain points of laboratory management.

To accelerate the extension of smart application scenarios, Haier Biomedical has acquired Suzhou Kangsheng Biological Co., Ltd. to develop its businesses in disposable plastic consumables. Suzhou Kangsheng mainly engages in the research and development, production, and sales of laboratory plastic consumables and produces pipette tips and molecular consumables, and the company is rapidly expanding into cryopreservation, cell culture, and microbiological applications. This powerful combination between Haier Biomedical and Suzhou Kangsheng not only provides a guarantee for Haier Biomedical’s continuous upgrading of the product + service model but also injects new vitality into Haier Biomedical’s market competitiveness in biological laboratory consumables.


Haier Biomedical’s disposable laboratory consumables include pipette tip consumables, PCR tube series, centrifuge tubes, etc. Made of medical polypropylene, such products deliver high strength and good chemical stability. The centrifuge bottles can withstand temperatures ranging from -80℃ to 120 ℃ to ensure that samples will not lose their activity due to temperature rise during centrifugation. In addition, the conical part of the centrifuge bottle is thickened to maximize the centrifugal limit to meet the diversified needs of scientific researchers for centrifugal experiments.

Haier Biomedical's expansion into the laboratory consumables market has opened a new chapter of its smart lab solutions. Haier Biomedical will continue to deeply integrate the Internet, big data, and other digital technologies to provide users with more digital scenario solutions under the drive of science and technology, thereby meeting the diversified needs of users while seeking a balance between the rapid development of life science and the low productivity of traditional labs.