Haier Biomedical: Resource Integration Accelerates Global Market Expansion


The ongoing changes of the pandemic have brought new opportunities and challenges to the biomedical industry. Therefore, it is critical for enterprises to accelerate their efforts to further tap into new opportunities as well as continued growth in global markets, by integrating their resources, with business growth and sustainability will ensure leaders in the industry stay successful.


As a necessary tool for life science research, disposable laboratory consumables have become a relatively promising industry in the current volatile market. There is currently strong market demand for life science tools, such as laboratory consumables and reagents, with a steady cash flow into this industry.

Compared with the mature global laboratory consumables market, China’s biological laboratory consumables market is still in its infancy. However, the national dual circulation strategy will bring tremendous benefits to China’s laboratory consumables market. At a macro level, only by integrating resources and accelerating efforts to export products can enterprises grow larger and stronger.

Haier Biomedical has always been committed to life science and medical innovation, and has found laboratory consumables to be a promising industry. The acquisition of Suzhou Kangsheng, a leader in the field of domestic consumables, enabled Haier Biomedical to integrate resources and accelerate the company’s expansion into international markets.

The incorporation of Suzhou Kangsheng has brought new vitality to Haier Biomedical. And in the process of product research and development, Haier Biomedical has been building its presence in differentiated market segments, mainly including pipette tip consumables, PCR tube series, and centrifuge tubes.


At the same time, to meet the needs of users, Haier Biomedical’s R&D team is continuously optimizing and improving the products. For example, the company’s pipette tips composed of medical grade polypropylene is resistant to high temperatures, high pressure, and high heat, and the company’s product department has optimized the pipette tip’s size to ensure that the pipette can smoothly suction the sample. The company’s different packaging methods, such as bulk packaging and sterile packaging, also provide users with convenience in various scenarios.

With an emphasis on laboratory consumables, Haier Biomedical has always valued user satisfaction and product quality, which will allow the company to expand its presence on local and international markets, thereby increasing the global competitiveness of its laboratory consumables.

In the future, Haier Biomedical will continue to break through technical barriers, establish competitive advantages in differentiated market segments, and provide clients with more comprehensive scenario solutions by expanding its global channels, strengthening its brand influence, and improving platform capabilities, thereby allowing the company to contribute its expertise to the advancement of life science.