Climate Chamber: All-Purpose Laboratory Module


The Climate Chamber is a high-precision equipment designed to maintain a constant temperature, both high and low, with light and humidification capabilities, which can provide an ideal artificial climate for conducting experiments in laboratory settings. It can be applied in a wide range of scenarios, including plant germination, seedling, tissue, microbial culture, cosmetic stability test, food shelf-life test, aging test of electronic components, and packaging material stability tests. In the pharmaceutical industry, it facilitates the necessary enzyme reactions, ligation reactions, and embedded culture sites, which enables the testing of drug stability under different climatic conditions, ensuring accurate experimental results while reducing labor costs. This equipment is an ideal tool for tests in production and scientific research departments in various fields, including but not limited to bio-genetic engineering, medical science, agriculture, forestry, environmental sciences, animal husbandry, and aquaculture.


The remarkable feat of feeding 22% of the global population with only 7% of the world’s arable land area is inseparable from the emergence of hard-core science and technology. The cultivation of hybrid rice greatly relies on the creation of an optimal environment for the germination for high-quality seeds, which have exceptionally stringent temperature and humidity requirements. This is effectively addressed by the advent of the Climate Chamber, which creates a precise experimental environment, resulting in a significantly reduced test cycle duration and substantially increased success rate. Without a doubt, the Climate Chamber has made indelible contributions to experimentation of various fields.

Haier Biomedical, as the world’s leading provider of digital scenario solutions for life sciences and medical innovations, has recently developed the next generation of Climate Chamber. This product is designed with an intelligent LCD screen and configured with an IoT module, making it even more intelligent and intuitive to use. It has also already been put into use in laboratories around the world. The executive of MEDCEN JSC Company in Vietnam spoke highly of Haier Biomedical’s Climate Chambers, stating that “The 10-inch LCD screen offers an intuitive data display and highly sensitive touch response. The machine has a double support frame on the internal shelves, compact and solid cabinet design, and is overall very sturdy and fully meets our usage requirements.”

Climate Chamber.png

NO.1 Low Energy  Consumption, Low Water Consumption

Haier Biomedical’s Climate Chamber uses semiconductor technology to ensure minimal vibration and low noise output, thereby preventing any environmental pollution during operation. In addition, its high insulation polyurethane foam ensures excellent insulation and consistent chamber temperature, thereby reducing energy consumption, with a daily power consumption as low as 5 kilowatt-hours, saving 90% of energy when compared to traditional compressor technology. This equipment can also intelligently control PTC humidification, with a daily water consumption range of between 120 and 320 ml, eliminating the need for wastewater recycling, and effectively utilizing both space and water resources.

Climate Chamber2.jpeg

NO.2 Precise Temperature Control

This equipment uses capacitive dual humidity sensors to independently acquire humidity data, which ensures reliable data acquisition without the need for calibration, with an accuracy of up to ±0.1%. It is also equipped with an anti-condensation design that facilitates more accurate humidity monitoring, PID controller, 10-inch touch screen, temperature control accuracy of 0.1°C from a range of 5°C to 70°C, and humidity control accuracy of 0.1% from a range of 10% to 90%. It also has an intelligent water supply system and ceramic high-temperature heating device to enable precise control over the temperature and purity of steam.

NO.3 Intelligent Management

Haier Biomedical’s Climate Chamber moves away from the traditional manual operating system and adopts a more intuitive and intelligent management for improved work efficiency. It is equipped with an intelligent 10-inch touch screen that is easy to operate and highly responsive, enabling even laboratories professionals wearing rubber gloves to operate the touch screen. The equipment also has built-in data and multi-user rights management and permissions, which facilitates intelligent management of equipment users, while offering a versatile humidity and temperature setting program, allowing users to personalize the settings to meet their specific requirements.

intelligent managemnt.jpeg

Haier Biomedical is committed to providing solutions for laboratory researchers across the globe with the goal of delivering a superior user experience. In the future, the company will continue to face the diverse, segmented, personalized, and intelligent demands of its users, and remain committed to leveraging its corporate influence to progress the cause of scientific research and improve the quality of human life.