Turkish Health Ministry Endorses Haier Biomedical!


In response to the increasing trade liberalization and economic globalization, Chinese medical device enterprises, including Haier Biomedical, have accelerated their expansion of international presence under the new “dual circulation” development strategy. With a strong focus on innovation and localization, Haier Biomedical has embarked on a unique path towards international success, and managed to navigate the challenging and volatile global market with steady progress.

Previously, the company has secured the contract for Turkey's Public Health project, marking a significant milestone in its expansion into the Middle East market. A total of 45 sets of HYC-290 medicine cabinets have been successfully deployed across 27 different public health departments in Turkey, delivering Haier Biomedical solution to the Turkish people, thereby safeguarding their well-being.


This latest line of Pharmacy Refrigerators is designed with a precise temperature control system, guaranteeing a consistent internal temperature range of 2°C to 8°C, with an accuracy of 0.1°C for temperature adjustments. These refrigerators also adopt hydrocarbon refrigeration technology, which does not cause harm to the ozone layer, and have a fault alarm design, providing round-the-clock protection for the safety of stored medicines.

The product received recognition and commendation from the official overseeing Türkiye’s health sector as soon as it was put into use, stating that they are highly satisfied with the solution, as “it provides reliable temperature control that ensures the safe storage of our medicines and accommodates the different cold storage requirements specific to pharmaceuticals.”


Haier Biomedical, as a global manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive cold chain solutions, consistently remains at the forefront of the market, actively seizes opportunities for development, and delivers exceptional products and services to its global partners.