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Hereby promise to our agents, spare parts shall be supplied for at least 10 years after the product is produced. Haier Biomedical General Limited Warranty does not apply to products that are not Haier Biomedical-branded, even if packaged or sold with Haier Biomedical products.

Basic Policy 

All replaceable parts and accessories that Haier Biomedical provide are brand new. The scope of this warranty is limited to the replaceable parts and the product. Haier Biomedical does not bear labor costs, or any other additional costs incurred during maintenance and/or replacement unless otherwise discussed, agreed and consented too mutually. The warranty period for all products starts from the date of production.

The warranty period is as follows 

Haier Biomedical provides 3 years of warranty for the replaceable parts of the products listed below. (The warranty period of the compressor is 5 years.)

Vaccine Refrigerator series (Including solar refrigerator)

ULT Freezer series

Biomedical Freezer series

Pharmacy Refrigerator series

Blood Bank Refrigerator series

Haier Biomedical provides 3 years of warranty for the replaceable parts of the products listed below. Filters, fluorescent/UV lamps are not covered by the warranty

Biological Safety Cabinet & Clean Bench series 

CO2 Incubator series

Haier Biomedical provides 2 years warranty for the products listed below

Centrifuge series

Haier Biomedical provides 1 year warranty (2 years for YDD), 5 years for vacuum degree, 1 year  for accessories (2 years for YDD accessories) the products listed below.

Liquid Nitrogen Tank series

Haier Biomedical provides 1 year warranty for the products listed below. Door sealing rubber ring  and pressure door lock bellows are not covered by the warranty for vertical autoclave. Door seal  strip is not covered by the warranty for dry oven.

Transfer box series 

Constant climate chamber: 

Climate chamber / standard incubator / Drying oven 

Vertical autoclave 

Controlled rate freezer 

Plasma Blast Freezer

(Note: 1. The product list involved is in the tail page, that list may not completely cover all and is subject to change. The warranty is based on the product series.

2. The warranty policy is universal. If there is a conflict between the warranty requirements in the sales  contract and this warranty policy, the contractual requirements will be given priority.)

Problem identification and correction

Issuers of claims of this warranty shall bear the responsibility to provide reasonable evidence and information such as (photos, videos, product data, etc.) as and when required by Haier Biomedical. Haier Biomedical will examine this information and decide, at its sole discretion, if it is covered under this limited warranty, and at its sole discretion, whether to activate this warranty by providing the warranted replaceable parts or to provide a replacement with identical product/alternatives.

Limited Warranty Statement 

This limited warranty of replaceable parts is not applicable to consumables such as filters, fluorescent/UV lamps. Damage caused by transportation, accidents, improper installation, service, or use (including but not limited to problems such as using mismatched power voltage or storage of inappropriate materials, etc.) will not be covered by this warranty. Haier Biomedical shall not bear the loss caused by the incapacity of transferring the storage materials inside the product in time when and after it is in any  fault known to the user

Unqualified product and replacement

When a warranty claim is issued within one month of newly installed product (while within one year of production) 

1: If the product cannot operate normally due to production deficiency and cannot be repaired by Haier Biomedical’s guidance, it could be replaced after mutual discussion and mutual consent. 

2: If refrigerant leakages occur due to production deficiency of refrigeration product and cannot be repaired by Haier Biomedical’s guidance, it could be replaced after mutual discussion and mutual consent.

Warranty parts shipment

Parts under warranty will be shipped via designated vessel containers. If there is a problem due to Haier Biomedical within one year of production, express delivery service could be provided after mutual discussion and consent.

Effective statement 

This warranty document was edited on November 25, 2022 and became effective on that day. The warranty product applies to product produced after November 25, 2022

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