Smart Vaccine Refrigerator

Haier Biomedical developed the Smart Vaccination Solution, by improving the conventional vaccination process, adopting advanced refrigeration technology, automation and intelligent vaccine delivery by incorporating IoT technologies. By connecting and leveraging the existing digital outpatient service system, the vaccination process can be managed as follows:

● After the vaccination record is scanned, the IoT based vaccination refrigerator will automatically and immediately eject the required vaccine.

● A"double check" scan of the medical code to confirm a "Correct" & "Valid" vaccine prior to patient administration.

● Standardised vaccination process produces zero error.

● The vaccination records will be uploaded in real-time to the system. Records are traceable, making it possible to trace a specific vaccine code back to a specific child.

Smart Vaccine Safe Vaccination Solution


Product Features

Smart Vaccine Refrigerator

Safe, Worry-free and Intelligent Vaccine Management

● Right patient-vaccine information management system (VIMS) confirms correct patient required for the vaccination

● Right vaccine-vaccine is automatically selected and delivered and double-checked by VIMS to ensure right medicine can and should be administered

● Exchange of vaccine, child and vaccination information, end-to-end visibility and transparency, plus immediate freezing of vaccines upon expiration or in question, ensure the high reliability of the vaccination programme.

Smart Vaccine Refrigerator

Smart Vaccine Storage Solution

Vaccine storage management is an essential step to ensure vacci ne safety. However, most of the vaccine storage refrigerators used by the vaccination stations are hous ehold refrigerators or ordinary medical refrigerators, without storage management functions, making it difficult to operate a first-in-first-out methodology. Haier's intelligent vaccine preservation refrigera tor solves the problem of manual (pen and paper) vaccine management, which is time-consuming and laborious.
Smart Vaccine Refrigerator

Smart Vaccine Refrigerator

Smart Vaccine Preservation Refrigerator and Smart Vaccination Refrigerator are provided with a VIMS (Vaccine Information Management System) software to improve the vaccination experience.


Model Cabinet Type Power Supply (V/Hz) Gross Volume (L/Cu.Ft) Temperature
HYC-361 Upright 220/50 361/12.75 2-8
HYC-61 Upright 220/50 61/2.15 2-8


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Vaccine Storage Solution
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Smart Vaccine Refrigerator HYC-61
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Smart Vaccine Refrigerator HYC-361
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HYC-361 61 CE Report

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