Transport Cooler

Storage Temperature(℃)

Transport Cooler

Biosafety Transport Container FS-Series

Safe, Secure and Reliable

Real-time Temperature Display

User-friendly, Easy to Operate

Repeat Usage, Time and Cost Savings

Car Refrigerator-W Series

One unit for multiple applications

Low sound level

Anti-shake design

Low voltage battery protection

Double door double control series

Bluetooth connectivity (optional)

Active Temperature Controlled RKN Container

Safe, reliable and secure

Superior temperature uniformity

Robust construction

Cost-Effective Performance

Automatic switching between AC power supply and built-in battery power supply

Transport Cooler for Biological Products(Active Cooling)

For transportation of biological products 2℃ ~ 10℃

Economical and energy-efficient semi-conductor refrigeration

Utilises PCM ice packs and high-density insulation

At 25℃ ambient or below maintains conditions for more than 2 hours (no power)

Transport Cooler for Biological Products(Passive Cooling)

Maintains stable temperature of 2℃ ~ 10℃

Utilises PCM ice packs

At 43℃ ambient or below maintains conditions for more than 4 hours

At 25℃ ambient or below maintains conditions for more than 8 hours

Transport Cooler for Infectious Materials(Active Cooling)

Semiconductor active refrigeration

2~6℃ accurate temperature controlling

Embedded PCM ice pack at 4℃ for cold storage

Multiple fault alarms

Vehicle power plug

Supporting AC & DC power

Under 25℃ no-load condition, the air temperature in the box rising to 10℃ takes more than 1 hour

Under 25℃ loading, the air temperature in the box rising to 10℃ takes more than 2 hours

Transport Cooler for Infectious Materials(Passive Cooling)

·Passive refrigeration system

·Longer insulation time

·PCM ice pack for cold storage

·High strength aluminum magnesium alloy shell, meeting PI620 packaging requirements for class A infectious substances

·Light plastic PP shell, meeting PI650 packaging requirements for class B infectious substances

Logistics Cold Chain Transport Cooler

Manufactured with vacuum insulation panel insulation technology, stable performance

Light weight with inlaid clasp, easy to carry

Smart IoT, check the insulation status at any time (Optional)

Vaccine Transport Cooler(Active Cooling)

DC frequency conversion technology

Tilt protection function

Integrated rotational molding body

Multiple power supply

Supporting AC & DC power

Vaccine Transport Cooler(Passive Cooling)

2-8℃ precise temperature control, suitable for vaccine cold chain transportation

Easy to carry with shoulder strap

High strength medical plastic and non-fluorinated polyurethane foaming insulation material ensure durable and superior temperature insulation performance