Vertical Autoclave

This upright automatic rapid sterilization unit uses high temperature saturated steam as the sterilization medium. Applicable to testing laboratories, laboratories, operating rooms, supply rooms, higher education, animal husbandry, disease control centers and other medical and biomedical research units, achieves rapid sterilization of instruments, dressings, rubber, liquids, glassware, bacteria and cell culture medium, wastes, etc.

Product Features

Automatic Program Control

Water injection, heating, exhaust, sterilization, pressure relief, drainage, drying, automatic control of the whole process, no manual operation, one-click completion.

Automatic Drying Function (Auxiliary Drying)

The drying time can be set after the sterilization is completed.

Multiple Exhaust Methods

A variety of exhaust methods such as regular temperature setting exhaust, dynamic exhaust and full-process air escape, completely eliminates the cold air in the sterilizer and improves steam saturation, ensuring effective sterilization.

One-click Start of Stored Procedures

Equipped with quick programs for instruments, dressings, rubber and liquids, one-button start for easy operation.

Two Pressure Relief Methods

Two pressure relief methods are available: fast pressure relief and slow pressure relief. The slow pressure relief method for liquid sterilization can prevent liquid overflow caused by rapid buildup of pressure.

Warm-up Control and Timing Start

The preheating control function supports the sterilizer heating process, which shortens the heating time of the sterilizer and improves the efficiency of the process; equipped with timing start function and can start the sterilization program according to the predetermined time and arrange the process time accordingly.


Model Power Supply (V/Hz) Interior Dimension(mm) Maximum Temperature(ºC) Maximum Pressure(Mpa)
HRLM-80 220/50 φ386*700(mm) 150(ºC) 0.28(Mpa)


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Vertical Automatic High-pressure Steam Sterilizer
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Safety Test Report


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EMC Test Report


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EMC Certificate



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