Air Purification Sterilizer

Bacterial and viruses inactivation rate>99. 9% to reduce the infection rate of the vaccination staff; can reach class 100000 cleanliness after continuously operating for 1 hour, and release healthy negative ions, providing clean air for users to experience forest air quality. Applicable for schools, community hospitals, etc.

Product Features

Plasma Purification

When ionized by high positive and negative voltage, the air can produce a large number of positive and negative ions which will then neutralize with each other, releasing a burst of energy and killing the surrounding bacteria and viruses in an instant.

Ultraviolet PLUS Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst Purification

The titanium dioxide photocatalyst will have photo-catalytic reaction under the bactericidal ultraviolet light emitted by the 254nm-wavelength dual UV lamps, producing highly oxidizing free

hydroxyl groups and active oxygen to have the bacteria, germs, viruses and mold oxidized and decomposed.

Nano-Silver Ion Filtration Layer Purification

Nano-silver ions have broad-spectrum strong bactericidal and antibacterial properties as well as strong permeability and can kill the bacteria and viruses on the filter surface in a few minutes.


Model Voltage (V) Noise level dB (A) Applicable volume (m3) Negative ion concentration Clean class Ultraviolet lamp life (h)
YKJX-Y500 220/50 ≤55 ≤60 3*106 100000 6000


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Air Purifier YKJB-B400
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Air Purification Sterilizer
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Y500-Disfection Report
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Safety Report Sterilizer
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EMC Test Report Sterilizer
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CB Certificate
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Air Purification Sterilizer

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