Power Supply (V/Hz)
Product Series
Capacity (m³)
Humidity Reservoir


CO₂ Incubator

Precise temperature control

IR CO2 sensor

180℃ dry heat sterilization technology

Easy to clean

Quick recovery after door openings

Active heat condensation technology

Intelligent controller

Constant Climate Standard Incubator

Superior four-sided direct heating technology with an inno vative air duct struct ure, achieve precise temperatre control

Multiple safety protection features, safe and stable

High thermal insulation performance, energy saving and environmental protection

Rapid recovery after door open

Optional IoT technology for real-time remote monitoring

Constant Climate Dry Chamber

Precise High Temperature Control

Rapid Recovery After Door Open

Convenient and Intelligent Management at a Glance

Constant Climate Chamber

Accurate temperature and humidity control

40℃ temperature uniformity of ±0.5℃

Central temperature fluctuation of ±0.2℃

75% humidity fluctuation ±1%

Energy-saving semiconductor technology

Low daily water consumption

No need to recycle waste water, save space

Low vibration and noise

Intelligent control of PTC humidification