Blood and Plasma Storage Solutions

Blood and Plasma Storage Solutions

Typical Issues in the Industry

1.Product defects due to inappropriate storage temperature.

2.Lack of digital measurement of storage temperature, unreliable manual recording of temperature.

3.Lack of temperature recording feature, lack of traceability of temperature, unreliable of manual recording.


Provide services that cover blood collection, transportation, storage, transfusion and product safety for customers.  Specialize in storage of product samples of whole blood, red cell, blood platelet, and plasma. 



Storage Equipment Include:

third generation blood bank HXC-1308, medical refrigerator HYC-1378、-40 C plasma freezer DW-40L508、medical freezer and refrigerator combo HYCD-282、biosafety cabinet HR40-ⅡA2 and many others.


Competitive Edge:

  • Certified by National Food and Drug Administration.

  • Certificates for Registered Medical Devices.

  • Visual Temperature Display, Audible and Light Alarm Features.

  • Controller Design Equipped for High Temperature Alarm and Low Temperature Limit With Backup Battery.

  • Optional Temperature Recorder, USB Port for Temperature Download for traceability.


Plan for Solution 


Core Product For Storage










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