U-COOL cold chain monitoring solution

U-COOL cold chain monitoring solution

Industry demand

When temperature in cold chain equipment fluctuates,stored product can be damaged if not dealt with timely.Manual recording of temperature data is not reliable,  and difficult to be error free.  


Provide a turn-key secured solution that serves the entire data processing.  Using a dedicated wireless network, the nationally approved solution runs with a high accuracy without the requirement of any additional equipment or any alternation of existing structure.  It can be updated or expanded. 

This system is the third generation safety monitoring system, a much more advanced system than buzzer alarm, flash alarm and cable monitoring system 

Process Illustration


Cold-chain Data Management Software

Wireless collection
Built-in temperature and humidity collection
Phone SMS alarm module
• Wireless self-configured network transformation and large screen display
• Local sound-light alarm
• Ultra-low power consumption and 1 OmnicEI battery with one year service life 
• Free collocation of temperature and humiture measuring 
• Free choice of electric supply and battery
• Wireless self-configured network transmission without manual configuration
• Ultra-low power consumption and 1 OmnicEI battery with one year service life 
• With built-in sensor components imported from Switzerland
• Ultrahigh measuring precision (4℃ ±0.3)
• Relay: Wireless and wired compatible self-configured network transmission
• Backup battery: 8-h long-lasting power supply
• Air-update: Insert a U-disk to update the self-owned and all collected firmware applications
• Mass-storage memory:  At least 80,000 local entries.
• Communication: Through GSM push phone message alarm; Telephone voice imitation human voice alarm can be realized; Through the USB to connect to the server interaction
• Power supply: The power supply through the USB port;
• The crash: When the server crashes, can automatically send alarm messages


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