Solution for Vaccine Storage Safety

Solution for Vaccine Storage Safety

Industry Requirement

1. Requirement per WHO:Vaccine must be stored in an environment of 2 ℃ to 8 ℃. Room temperature or an average refrigerator will destroy the vaccine products. 

2. As per Regulations of Vaccine Transportation …Published in April 2005, Vaccines must be stored at cold train product products and must be monitored.

Solution Plan

1. Solar Vaccine Refrigerator: Lack of continued power supply often causes loss of storage temperature, and thus millions of dollars of worth vaccines each year. Solar powered vaccine refrigerators do not require electric power to operate.  They are perfectly suited for application in developing countries.  Ambient temperature requirement can be as wide as 5 ℃ to 43 ℃    

2. Ice Lined Refrigerator: Special ice lined feature extends the time to maintain a proper temperature for vaccines.


Process of Vaccine Product Management

The vaccinen from production,transportation,storage,application,wholeprocess cold chain storage and continuous monitoring of the application process

Solution Superioity

1.Data Management

Data transmission to the central server is performed via Ethernet and GPRSsecurely and timely.Real time data can be viewed on various terminals.

2.Multi-level management

Access levels can be managed at authorized locations in multiple levels.

3.Alarm system

Alarms are transmitted by pop-up dialog box, music, telephone, and SMS.


Illustration of Storage Equipment

Product solution:medical refrigerator,Vaccine refrigerator,-25℃ refrigerator,Refrigerator and freezer combo unit,vaccine walk-in cold room,U-COOL  cold chain monitoring system




• Digiatal display
• Adjustable temperature range of  -15℃ to -25℃
• Optimized refrigeration system design for energy
savings and reliability
• Optimized refrigeration system design
 for energy savings and reliability
• Built-in ice packs maintain 2℃ to
8℃ for 25 hours at 43℃ ambient 
• Comply with WHO/UNCEF Standards
HTCD-160 HTC-60
• Can provide frozen icepacks and refrigerated 
space for vaccines
• Solar powered temperature display is reliable 
and intuitive
• High /Low temperature alarms and sensor error
 alarm system
• Can maintain 2 to 10 C for more than 120 hours
 at 43℃ambient during power outage
• LED temperature display
• Multiple alarm systems for High/Low
 temperatures, power outage
• Door lock
• Can maintain temperature of 2-10 C for 105 hours at 43℃ ambient
 during power outage


Sample Storage