Solution for BIMS Biological Sample Library

Solution for BIMS Biological Sample Library

 Industry Demand

1.A large number of biological samples available for research is often discarded. Biological resources are not utilized efficiently.

2.Biological sample library storage is often mismanaged, leading to failure of application of useful data.

3.Utilization of storage space in ultra freezers is not effective.  Sample storage is often chaotic.


1.Will provide users with a comprehensive solution for sample pretreatments, sample storage, information management,sample application , and sample safety.

2.Products include third generation ultra freezer DW-86L959,energy saving ultra low temperature freezer DW-86L728J, BIMS ingenious system,U-COOL cold chain monitoring system,liquid nitrogen container,and cryogenic supplies.


BIMS Biological Sample Library Solution

Solution Superiority:

Package includes basic layout design,standard, safety and environmental monitoring, sample storage solution and service.

Authority—will use only main street brands of product in cold chain and biological sample library. Professional consulting for sample library management,SOP training,GLP、GMP certification are available by experts in the fields.

Standardization—refer to ISBER standard,and the only enterprise participating in drafting the National Standards for biological sample library.


Sample Preparation and Safety 

Scene graph


Storage of Samples

The quality of bio-bank’s process on  sample collection, receiving, handling, storage, transportation, and test depends heavily on selection and application of proper equipment, including their maintenance status.  Bio-Banks should establish an equipment list, and maintenance schedule based on its specialized areas. 
Environment for room temperature storage
 -86 storage environment
-40  storage environment
℃ storage environment
-150  storage environment
 -190  liquid nitrogen storage environment



Energy savings with world’s first all hydrocarbon ultra-low temperature freezer

Haier Energy-Core ULT freezer  DW-86L728J
Hydrocarbon refrigerants, save up to 50% energyAbout 2 millions dollars can be saved in a typical bio-bank over 10 years.
Super Energy Savings:Super quiet hydrocarbon refrigeration system reduces energy consumption by 50%;
Temperature Safe Guard:Insulated inner door design for 20% improvement on thermal loss through the cabinet 
Low noise design: Specialized machine compartment design to work with hydrocarbon system, yielding a sound level of less than 50 db
Compact design for maximum loading capacity: Narrow cabinet width for ease of entering narrow door way, deeper cabinet design holds 50,000 samples.  


Liquid nitrogen storage freezers

Extra large liquid crystal control monitor, advanced smart management of deep freezing process.

This system uses the most advanced sample management system through a 10 inch interacted liquid crystal screen.  The system integrates an automatic liquid nitrogen feeding process, centralized monitoring, and sample visualization.  Sample stability and safety are further improved.
• Super high vacuum insulation and flexible hose design
• Multiple alarm systems, code protection and splash protection
• Maximum load of 94,500 samples and extremely low evaporation loss


BIMS provides more valuble information about the stored samples for clinical and research applications.

 Management of sample safety


Availability at a short reach


Solution to handle consumables with 2QR Code 

Sample storage banks will use bar codes to identify all samples.  
Pre-printed QR codes are adhered to the bottom of the sample tubes to allow a direct access of automatic equipment.  The QR code system improves the process efficiency, accuracy greatly.  It also allows the information to be expandable and easy automation. 
QR Codes are flexible in application:Use manual scanning for small amount of samples.  When samples are in large quantity, use automatic equipment in conjunction with liquid nitrogen storage equipment or other ultra low temperature equipment.


Solution for consumables—Printable QR codes on site

Sample storage facility uses bar code to identify each sample, each test tube for sample has a unique label.
Special low temperature labels are printed with identification information to be adhered to storage test tubes.
 Haier uses a special PET label for sample tubes suitable for -196  liquid nitrogen environment.   


Monitoring method for cold Chain equipment

On site hardware:
 1) sensor to collect temperature data,
 2) system to process data and present it in table or graph format
 3) multiple channel to alert customers if there are abnormal data.

BIMS complies with standards

                                                                           Protection of patient privacy
                       Traceable Electronic Record
                               Compliance with regulations on non-clinical medicine 
                               research and production of medicine  


Added Value of BIMS Integrated Solution 

BIMS assists you enhance your experience in managing biological samples.  The system will provide the benefits as follows.

1.BIMS provides our customers with laboratory design plans, customized for individual need of sample management, access, and sample identification;

2.BIMS supplies our customer with a full range of products that are suitable for sample libraries, including -196 ℃ LN2 storage system,  profound hypothermia storage system, ultra-low temperature -86 ℃ storage equipment, low temperature -40 ℃ storage equipment, and constant temperature -4 ℃ , 2 to 8 ℃  storage systems;
3.BIMS includes monitoring systems for sample safety, personnel safety and O2 concentration;
4.BIMS provides a full range of consumable products for laboratory usage including cryopreserved shelves, cryopreserved boxes, cryopreserved tubes and pipes and low temperature labels;
5.BIMS also consists of a sample management system, standardized processes, and platforms for further growth.