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-150°C Cryo Freezer

Other Features
    • Large LED display for easy viewing
    • Ambient range of 10℃ to 30℃
    • LN2 back up system compatible
    • Remote monitoring
    • Smart condenser fans for energy savings
Refrigeration System
    • Optimized single stage refrigeration system
    • Hermetically sealed system
    • Environmentally safe refrigerants
    • Permanently lubricated fan systems
Safety Control System
    • Alarm system: User programmable high and low temperature alarm set points, power failure, sensor errors, extreme voltage, hot condenser, and extremely high ambient
    • Alarm types: audible buzzer and visible flashing
    • Protection functions: Settable pass codes for control panel, start-up delay, voltage and compensation system
    • Properly grounded
Temperature Control
    • Microprocessor Control: Large LED display features a clear cabinet temperature display at an easy viewing angle and allows an adjustable range of -126 ℃to -150 ℃.