Biological Safety Cabinet HR1200-IIA2-D

Key Features

  • Double Exhaust-Filters
  • Two-Side Glass Walls
  • Compartmented Working Surface
  • Safe Airflow System

More Detail:


Technical Data

Type Class II,Type A2

Electrical Data

Power (VA) 1600(Active Power 200W)
Power of Blower(W) DC 190W,EC 170W
Main Filter Typical Effiency ULPA,U15,99.9995@0.12um
Exhaust Filter Typical Effiency HEPA,H14,99.99@0.3um
Downflow Velocity(m/s) 0.3
Inflow Velocity(m/s) 0.45
Fluorescent Lamp Intensity(Lux) 1000


Net/Gross Weight 335/360 (kg) 738.5/793.7 (lbs)
Internal Dimensions(W*D*H) 1310*620*630 (mm) 51.6*24.4*24.8 (in)
External Dimensions(W*D*H) 1380*780*2160 (mm) 54.3*30.7*85.0 (in)
Packing Dimensions(W*D*H) 1470*920*1690 (mm) 57.9*36.2*66.5 (in)
Supporter 75-90mm adjustable height
Container loads (20'/40'/40'H) 8/16/16


Alarm Sound and Flash


Certificate EN12469/CE