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Biological Safety Cabinet

Biological Safety Cabinet

304 stainless steel operation platform and internal wall
    • Stainless steel operation platform without screws, no accumulation of contaminant
    • Dismountable air in-flow plate, easy to clean and disinfect
    • Internal wall is constructed by a single plate, and the 12mm arc angle conner leaves no cleaning blind area
    • The volume of liquid tank is over 4L, equipped with outlet valve for convenient cleaning and maintaining
    • Concaved operation platform, waste liquid easily collected
    • Adjustable supporter (0-75mm) without exposed screw thread, preventing the germs from multiplying
Ultra Low Penetration Air Filtration System
    • American AAF brand ULPA filter
    • Tested to a typical efficiency of 99.9995% for 0.12micron particles
    • Provides FED STD 209E class 1 (or ISO14644.1 class 3) clean air to work surface in a stable vertical laminar flow to protect samples
    • The exhaust ULPA filter traps biohazard particles acquired from the work surface before air is exhausted to the room, offering personnel and environmental protection
High Efficiency Blower System
    • The blower system is designed for high performance operation, maximum energy efficiency and minimal maintenance
    • Self cooling system reduces energy consumption while enhancing reliability
Digital Microprocessor Control System
    • LCD display
    • Real-time display of key parameters: downflow velocity, inflow velocity, airflow volume, static pressure, negative pressure, accumulative running time of fan and UV lamp, left lifetime of filter
    • Sound & light alarming function
    • UV sterilization reservation setting function
    • Time setting function
Ergonomic Design
    • The 10° angled viewing window improves comport and alleviates fatigue of operator
    • 75mm adjustable supporter ensures correct height for different users
    • UV sterilization reservation function
    • Lamp is set behind supporter, making eyes more comfortable
    • Automatically remind when filter lifetime less than 10% , so that filter can be changed in time
    • Removable stainless steel work surface makes convenient cleaning
    • Draining valve is easy to clean and maintain
Interlock Safety Protection
    • Glass sash and the blower/motor interlocking
    • Fluorescent light & UV light 
    • UV light, blower/motor and fluorescent light interlocking
    • Sash and fluorescent light interlocking
Intelligence alarm system
    • Alarm when opening height of sash exceeds the safety limit line
    • Alarm when airflow fluctuation exceeds 20%
    • Alarm when sash is not closed properly but blower turned off
    • Alarm when filter life is less than 10% of total lifetime